How Does a Taurus Man Act When He’s In Love

If you’re trying to figure out if your Taurus man loves you by how he acts around you then paying close attention to a few key traits can expose his real feelings.

Like a true earth sign, he is not much of a talker, and would rather not verbally express his emotions towards you.

Also, things are usually frank with him; if he is interested, there will be no doubt about it. The only thing to do is to watch for potential signs and signals that he is sending to you.

He will not do this intentionally, though. He is a quiet observer, who doesn’t like to rush anywhere.

Even if he is crazy about you, he will wait for some time. He will do this just to be sure if he is ready for a serious kind of relationship.

While there is a predictable pattern for making any man fall in love with you, the signs that show he is in love may differ from one Taurus to the next.

According to the relationship expert Amy North, there are emotional triggers that make a man feel a connection, fascination and love. These emotions can be triggered in him by communicating directly to the primitive and desire-focused part of his brain, as Amy demonstrates in this video.

While the techniques Amy explains in the above video will push him over the edge to fall in love with you, this article will explain the ways he will act when he’s well and truly love-struck.

9 Ways He Will Act When He’s In Love With You

You make him nervous

The first sign is shyness. Is he a bit absent or even nervous when around you?

Maybe he is a bit quieter than usual. That is because he, even if not shy in general, might become that way. Don’t ask him anything about it, because he won’t have an explanation for his behavior.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to verbally confront him if you are in early stages of your dating or relationship, but when he starts behaving like that, it usually means that he still didn’t acknowledge that he likes you.

He starts to give you things

This is not so rare to happen. Taurus is very down to earth, and they value their possessions fairly.

If he is giving you presents all the time, especially something that they own, this is a very good sign.

He may even suggest taking you out to dinner in nice restaurants or give you a gift related to something he knows you’re passionate about.

He wants to be close to you

Then they like someone, they become very touchy and feely around them. This is actually the most common thing they do when they are interested in someone.

They will enjoy your scent so make sure you smell good.

Don’t worry, it’s not about physical contact, but about actual closeness to you. He wants to be as comfortable as he can be when you are around.

His ways of getting to know someone is through senses, so you should let him be near you if he wants. That means your Taurus man is actually crazy about you.

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He doesn’t want to look directly at you in groups

This is a very common thing they do in the early stages, which can be a bit confusing signal to anyone, even them.

At the beginning of your dating, even if he is not watching you or directly speaking with you in a group, he will try to “get to know you” before he personally does, and try to acquire as much information as he can about you.

That means he is interested.

You will maybe tell someone about your interests, hobbies or habits.

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He stares at you a bit when you talk

So, if he does look at you, but doesn’t talk much, he is actually not present in the words you say, but rather in your presentation itself. He is observing, and, in addition to that, he enjoys looking at you.

This is a very clear sign that a Taurus man is falling in love.

You are a treat for his senses and he just wants to look at you and listen to the sound of your voice.

He is taking you with him

Did you meet his friends? If yes, good. Did you meet his family? If yes, even better. That means he is including you in his life, little by little.

This is, maybe, the most important sign of them all. These men like their routine and every change they make to it indicate that it’s somewhat important to them.

If you are invited to a family gathering or something similar, you are included in his life, at least for some extent.

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He is starting to be a bit possessive

As we have already mentioned, they like to own stuff. If they have that sense of ownership towards you, it might indicate that he really cares about your presence.

Sudden confidence

If he has unusual boosts of confidence when you are together in a group of people, that means that he wants your attention, but, like its typical for a Taurus, won’t do it directly.

When Taurus men are falling in love, they get a bit confused, and it might influence their behavior.

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He spends a lot more time with you

If he invests more and more time on you, that means he considers you as a part of his life. They value their time since they usually have a lot of work to do, so if you are included in his free time, consider yourself lucky. This means he is falling for you.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the signs he is falling for you, it generally depends on what stage of dating you are in.

If it’s not yet a relationship, he might look cold and uninterested, but as I said, they are frank by nature so don’t take this to heart.

When they don’t have an interest in someone, it will usually be very obvious. After spending some time with you and he becomes aware that you are a good match for him, he will become more gentle and loving.

That’s usually when he will start showing you more affection.

So don’t lose hope if it seems to you that your Taurus man isn’t paying too much attention to you. It’s most likely that he is in his own way but just doesn’t want to be too obvious about it yet.

If you think he needs a nudge in the right direction to push him over the edge to feel a level of desire for you that goes beyond love, then you can trigger the emotions of connection, fascination and love in him by using Amy North’s simple methods.

Amy is a relationship coach and has taught hundreds of women how to spark his animal brain to feel intense feelings of love. You can learn how she does it here.