How To Attract a Taurus Man With Conversation (7 Sneaky Ways)

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

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Are you eyeing a Taurus man and wondering how to attract him with your words?

If you want to have a powerful impact on him and win his heart through conversation, there are only two steps you need to take.

#1 Firstly: It is important that you get an understanding of the Taurean male so you can align your conversation with what makes him really tick.

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#2 Secondly: You need to master the simple, yet highly effective techniques of seductive conversation.

Once you’ve learned this skill, you will know the exact words and phrases that create feelings of love and attraction in any man.

Know how to use your voice to embed these feelings deep in his psyche during your next “seemingly innocent” conversation.

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Now, moving on with the rest of this article… here I’m going to share with you a few simple steps you can also take to keep him interested in your conversation.

Tips for Winning a Taurus Man Through Conversation


Be considerate of his feelings

Taurus men are known to be very sensitive. Therefore, if you want to capture his interest through conversation, it is imperative that you be considerate of his feelings.

So, when talking to a Taurean guy, always remember to be nice to him and not say insensitive things. For example, you might find that sarcasm directed at him may turn him off.

When talking to your Taurus fella, it is important that you avoid being unnecessarily rude or complaining too much because doing so will certainly turn off your Taurean crush.

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Share a secret with him

If you want to get his interest and begin to build trust with him, share with him a secret. In other words, you can tell him something about yourself that you haven’t told anyone else.

This is particularly important if he has already opened up to you about something personal. Doing so will help him to trust and feel closer to you.

Taurus guys are usually very trustworthy and will keep your secrets if you ask them to. You will certainly become closer through building reciprocated trust.

What’s more, having the confidence to share a secret and give him honest feedback also lets him know that you are an honest woman, which is one of the qualities that Taurus men look for in a woman.

This technique is especially effective if he’s a shy Taurean guy. Once you share a secret with him he will likely start to feel a sense of trust with you and begin to open up.

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Listen to his opinions

If you want the stubborn Taurean guy to be interested in you, it is important that you also show interest in him.

Taurus men love to be around patient women who value their opinions. So, if you want to catch his attention, you need to show him that you are a patient lady by respecting his thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

What’s more, listening attentively and giving him time to expand on his opinions and thoughts is extremely important. It shows him that you respect his views and you’re interested in understanding his way of thinking and being.

Encouraging your Taurus partner to talk about his thoughts and opinions will certainly make him feel safe. As a result, he will then feel he can open up more with you.

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Be curious

Another way of attracting a Taurean man with your conversation is showing interest in his passion, interests, and hobbies.

In other words, the trick is to make the conversation about him, and he will certainly be impressed and flattered by your great conversational skills.

What’s more, if the Taurean man is interested in you, he will certainly be curious to know more about you in return and will start asking you similar questions.

Be witty

Having a good sense of humor is an extremely attractive quality that a Taurean guy wants in a woman. So, if you want to appeal to him through your conversation, a sharp wit can certainly go a long way.

However, if witty banter is not your forte, don’t worry. Simply being playful and fun will go a long way to win him over. Laughing at his jokes will also make him warm to you.

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Ask him intelligent questions

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Intelligence is incredibly sexy to a Taurean fella. So, if you want to attract him with your words, it is imperative that you stimulate his mind with intelligent questions.

For example, you may want to ask him questions about what he does or his passions in general, which also helps to keep your conversation flowing.

It is important that you listen to him attentively so that you can be able to contribute to the discussion. If you do not understand what he says, do not hesitate to ask him to elaborate.

It’s no problem if you don’t understand the subject he is talking about. All you have to do is show a keen interest in wanting to understand by asking him to explain in more detail.

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Appreciate him

Taurus men are known to be very insecure and they are also fearful of rejection. So, giving him subtly and also sometimes overt signals that you are enjoying his company will definitely make him more attracted to you.

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Final Thoughts

The secret to winning the attention of a Taurus man through conversation is to equip yourself with better communication skills using the qualities he admires in a woman and avoiding what turns him off.

Learning the art of seductive conversation will enable you to subtly embed subliminal messages in his mind and stimulate attraction through your words.

The beauty of this is that he will not even be aware of what you are doing as it will all seem like an ordinary, normal conversation.

You can learn exactly how to do it here.

I hope you found this article of help. There are lots more on the subject of the Taurus male on my website I wish you well and hope you find love.

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