How To Flirt With A Taurus Man Over Text (5 Things To Know)

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

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Flirting with a Taurus man you fancy via text can be a lot of fun and is a great way to find out more about him.

However, texting a new guy you’re interested in can also create a lot of anxiety because you are not sure how your texts will be received.

The last thing you want to do is say something that makes you look needy or lame or worse yet, something that might offend him.

Flirting over text with your Taurus crush doesn’t have to create so much tension and should be a fun and enjoyable part of getting to know him.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if you knew exactly the kinds of messages to send him?

If you want to hack the texting game and stack the cards heavily in your favor so he starts to feel a strong attraction and fascination with you, relationship expert, Amy North tells you the exact messages to send him here.

Another key point to texting a Taurean guy so he perceives you as fun and sexy is to actually get an understanding of how Taurus guys think.

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Having said that, this article will give you insights on what to say to a Taurus man over text so that you can keep him insatiably interested in you.

Flirting With a Taurus Guy Over Text – What You Need To Know


Here are the important do’s and don’ts of flirting with a Taurus guy over text.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to misunderstand text messages. I’m sure it’s happened to you before, right? Of course it has, it’s happened to all of us. But the worst time for it to happen is when you’re texting a new love interest. One wrong text could kill any chance of a getting together in a ‘more than just friends’ way.

So, here are the top things you need to know about when it comes to flirting with a Taurus man with text messages.

Do not over text him

If you don’t want to come across as desperate and cause your Taurus crush to ignore you, do not over text him.

It can be hard not to text a guy when you really like him, but if he thinks he’s getting too many texts from you then it can really put him off. Needy behavior is one of the biggest turn off’s for guys.

One thing you need to understand about a Taurus man is that he tends to take a lot of time before deciding whether he should give his attention to a woman.

So, double texting your Taurus crush is very unattractive to him. If you want to attract your Taurus guy with texts then it is definitely better to wait until he responds to your messages so that you do not seem too needy, impatient, and demanding of his time and attention.

Give him some compliments

Just like women, men also like receiving compliments too. So, if you want to connect to your Taurus guy over text, it is important that you compliment him now and again.

Taurus guys like the finer things in life and their sense of achievement are very important to them.

So complimenting him on his looks, his dress sense, or his achievements will go down very well. However, be subtle when you compliment him as you don’t want to come across like you are sucking up to him.

What’s more, showing an interest in something that he is passionate about or even his work if it is his passion, is also a good way to go.

Make sure you are sincere and genuine when you ask him about his interests and he will feel a stronger sense of connection to you. Taking an interest in him will also show that you are not a narcissist.

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Express your femininity

Feminine women are very alluring to Taurus men. So, if you want to catch his attention, you could send him a photo of yourself in a sexy dress and ask his opinion on it.

Don’t send him a slutty photo or one that shows too much skin because he may perceive you as an overly desperate woman. The idea is to ingrain your image in his mind by sending him a picture that will show off your most appealing and feminine features.

In addition, having the courage to express your feelings openly is also a feminine trait that will make your Taurus fella more likely to chase you.

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Ask him questions

Another tactic you can use to lure a Taurus man with your text messages is to ask him open-ended questions. Your questions should be geared towards making him know that you are interested in him and you want to know him more.

Open-ended questions are great because they keep the conversation flowing.

As mentioned previously, it is important that you familiarize yourself with his interests. For instance, if he particularly likes music, art, or food, then you can formulate your questions about these interests to help form some common ground.

So, you can, for example, ask him, “What kind of music are you into?”, “What food do you like most?”, and so forth, to help open up the conversation and find common ground.

However, be careful with how you ask your questions so that you don’t appear like you are interrogating him. Keep it conversational and also share things about yourself with him too when appropriate.

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Be yourself

If you really want a Taurus guy to like you, it is important that you are honest about who you really are.

Taurus men admire honesty and confidence, and you do not have to pretend that you like something when you actually hate it so that you can impress him.

If a Taurus guy asks you questions about your hobbies, career, and status, do not lie to him by, for instance, telling him that you have similar interests, or that you work in a certain profession when you actually don’t.

Compromising your personality in order to win the attention of a guy is a big no-no. If you feel you need to do this then it would be wise to first ask yourself why you feel this urge and to work on this aspect of yourself before seeking a relationship. This usually comes down to low self-esteem.

If you think this might be an issue for you then there are lots of things that can help. For example, having a few sessions with a counselor, a hypnotherapist, a cognitive-behavioral therapist, or even taking a course on mindfulness can all help a person to overcome low self-esteem.

Final Thoughts

If you want to win the heart of Taurus man through texting, it is important that you understand that your texting style reveals a lot about who you are as a person, so make sure you get it right from the beginning or you could mess up your chances with him for good.

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