How To Make a Taurus Man Miss You With These Simple Steps

When dating a Taurus man, like all men, there will, of course, be times when things aren’t going so well.

Sometimes, a Taurus guy can seem distant, detached and even uncaring.

While he is more likely to behave this way when he has something on his mind, it could also be a sign he is losing interest and planning to leave you and move on.

Maybe he has already moved on…

A Taurus man has a stubborn streak and it can sometimes be hard to figure out if he just wants a bit of personal space. Therefore, it is easy to see how his behavior can leave you feeling rejected and left out in the cold.

Despite his cool and somewhat tough exterior, Taurus guys have strong emotions beneath the surface. It is important to understand if he feels he is missing something from the relationship.

If he still has feelings for you then it is definitely possible to get him to miss you and think about you if your relationship is not going well, or even if you have already broken up.

However, you will need to give him a little subtle suggestion or two to get him to start missing you. This can be done by using an exciting new product called Text Chemistry.

If he’s been acting distant or if you’ve recently broken up then, of course, one of the best things you can do right now is to give him some space. However, sending the occasional but meaningful text message is the best way to keep you in his mind and thinking of you.

A word of warning: When doing this, you need to be strategic with your messages as you do not want him to feel like you are crowding or even hounding him. If you do this you run the risk of pushing him away for good.

If this sounds similar to your situation then you don’t want to leave anything to chance. If you’re too casual then he may think you just don’t care and move on from you.

If you come on too strong, text him too often or come across needy then, you’ll likely just push him straight into the arms of another woman.

Can you make a Taurus man miss you?

I recently came across a program that is scoring well in reuniting couples who are drifting apart or broken up. The program is called Text Chemistry and has been developed by relationship expert Amy North.

Amy has discovered why a Taurus man pulls away. She has produced a series of messages with subliminal meanings that can make a guy crave the woman who sent them.

Seems a way out idea? I thought so too until I saw the success Amy was having with this technique. Don’t just take my word for it, Amy has produced a short video in which she explains exactly what to do. Make up your own mind by listening to Amy in the link below.

To avoid the risk of another woman snatching up your lover, you can send him these proven text messages tonight.

Now, onwards with the article…

Here are my top tips to make him miss you and want to be with you again.

Five Ways to Make Your Taurus Man Miss You

Have a signature scent

A woman trying to seduce a man with a kissMen are generally driven wild by the scent of a woman. Therefore, if you want to make your absence felt, it is important that you have a signature scent that will train his mind to always think about you whenever he smells it.

When choosing a scent, it is important to choose one that is sensually subtle, non-offensive and one that goes well with your personality.

The trick is to always wear your signature scent whenever you are with him. Be sure to leave the smell on places like his couch, his pillow, his car, his clothes, and just about every other place that will eventually make him think of you and miss you whenever he smells it.

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Avoid texting him too often

You will probably agree that many people are guilty of constantly texting the person they love whenever they are away from them. While this can be nice, if you do it too much then it can start to become quite annoying.

If you are texting him too frequently then you are also not allowing his mind to wonder about you as he has just heard from you.

So, to make him miss you, the trick is to not text him too much and to also not reply to his messages straight away when he texts you.

If you always reply to him quickly then he will start to think that you don’t have much else going on in your life and you are waiting around to hear from him, which is not attractive.

Instead, leave it sometime before you text him and then when you do, send him these powerful text messages.

The secret of why you should not text and respond to him constantly or instantly is that you want to keep him wondering what you are up to.

Please note that I am not saying you should ignore him. Ignoring your Taurus man will definitely cause issues in your relationship.

What I mean is you should learn to keep yourself busy with stuff that you like doing, rather than texting and waiting for his messages.

a video of a man siting on a bench texting


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Be independent – get him to miss you

There’s nothing sexier to a Taurus man than an independent and confident woman. Yes, you heard me right.

Taurus men are known to like women who have a sense of independence about them. They desire to be with a woman who is financially independent, a go-getter, self-confident, and a woman who is not dependant on him.

He needs to be sure that you will not come into his life to make things difficult by showing him that you have the ability to attain material success by working hard.

When you are independent and confident, it reduces his stress levels, which makes him more comfortable and secure around you. It also works when you redirect your time and energy away from him and instead get involved with some hobbies or friends away from him.

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Look good for him

an attractive couple flirting with each otherI am sure that you will agree that looking good for your man is one of the easiest ways to make him think about you when you’re not around.

Well, if you want to keep him close to you forever, it is important that you take advantage of looking your best at all times, and not being slovenly and untidy.

Unfortunately, most women tend to get too comfortable around their men after some time, particularly when they have been seeing each other regularly for a longer period. However, neglecting your looks is a huge mistake.

A Taurus man likes a woman who knows how to glam herself up. If you keep wearing your sweatpants or generally look unkempt whenever you are with him, then you will make him lose interest in you after a while.

Having said that, if you want to make him go crazy for you, put effort into always making yourself look sexy and beautiful.

Send him amazing pictures and videos of yourself

To keep your Taurus man thinking about you when you’re not with him, you can send him a few sexy pictures or videos of yourself.

Taurus men want to know what you are doing all the time and the videos, particularly those taken when having fun with friends, will definitely make him want to be around you. The video will make him want to be in a similar situation to you and, therefore, miss you.

Sending him regular pictures will also make him feel more connected to you even though you are away from him. But be careful not to overdo it, too many messages from you and he will feel start to feel swamped.

A subtle well-planned photo now and again will keep his interest and will not make you look desperate.

Final Thoughts

Making your Taurus man miss you has the potential of making your relationship stronger, and it also helps both of you to connect emotionally.

If your guy misses you, time spent together afterward only gets better and leads to a stronger long-term relationship.

Understanding how to trigger attraction and desire in his mind through text messages, as a relationship expert, Amy North shows, is the key to making him want you and think about you when you are not around.

I hope you found this article helpful, and I wish you good luck in making your Taurus crush your own.

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