How To Tell If Your Taurus Man Will Come Back After a Breakup

Last Updated on May 26, 2021

a man and woman sitting on a sofa discussing the details fo their breakupTaurus men are known to be very stubborn but also devoted to the one they love.

When a relationship ends, Taurus men usually want to know what led to the breakup and it can be very hard for them to move on if the breakup was sudden and unwanted.

While Taureans can be very forgiving, they rarely forget, especially if he has been hurt badly.

If he still wants to be with you then he may fight for a past relationship, but if you pushed him away then you may have your work cut out ahead of you!

Understanding the signs he wants you back after a breakup is paramount to rekindling the love you both once shared.

When trying to repair a broken relationship, open and honest communication is the most important thing.

While it is best to get together and talk things over face-to-face, sending him a recovery text written by an expert like this one, can lay the foundation for a happy reunion.

However, it is also important to note that some Taurus guys will never return after a breakup, especially if they were in a relationship where they felt taken for granted or rejected.

If you were in a relationship with a Taurus guy and you’re wondering if you will ever get back together, it is important that you pay keen attention to how your ex-Taurus has been behaving since the two of you broke up.

You may not have control over whether he will come back to you, but if he is interested in reviving the relationship, you will certainly know.

In this article, you are going to gain insights into how your ex-Taurus man will behave if he wants you back.

Signs A Taurus Man Wants You Back After A Breakup

He will change for you

If the relationship ended because you were not able to tolerate his behavior for some reason, he will try to work on aspects of himself that he knows were responsible for the breakup.

So, if you broke up because he was drinking too much, he is likely to stop drinking and perhaps focus on doing something totally different like going to the gym.

What’s more, he is likely to start working on his looks so that he can be more appealing to you.

If your ex-Taurus man wants you to take him back, he will certainly compromise. However, his stubbornness will be needed to be overcome and be willing to improve himself.

He will listen to you and ask questions

If he wants you back, he will not be defensive. In other words, if you get to talk with him about things he needs to change, he will be receptive and attentive to the conversation.

He is also likely to ask you directly what you really want him to do differently.

So, if your ex-Taurus lover is showing a keen interest in your perspective, and he respects your feelings, he certainly is willing to take the necessary steps to improve his behavior for the sake of winning you back.

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He will compliment you

Taurus men love giving compliments to women they find attractive. So, if he had a habit of showering you with compliments when you were dating and he is suddenly doing it again, that is a sure sign that he wants you back.

If he really wants to win your heart again, he will try to impress you by constantly letting you know that you are very beautiful and telling you how much he appreciates you.

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He wants to discuss the reasons for the breakup

When a relationship fails, couples often blame each other or get angry at one another, and the Taurus man is not an exception.

However, if your ex-Taurus guy wants to talk about the breakup and what went wrong, he is certainly trying to win you over.

So, if he is not angry at you and he is not blaming you for the breakup, that is a sign that he is genuinely trying to find out what went wrong. He is looking for ways so that he can improve himself and the relationship with you.

a man and woman sitting in a field getting back together after a breakup

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He gets jealous even after breaking up

Taurus men are very jealous and possessive by nature. So, despite the fact that you are not dating him anymore, he is likely to be extremely jealous if he sees you with another man or even talking to his friends.

His jealousy is a sign that he still loves you, and he might actually come and talk to you because he doesn’t want to lose you to another man.

He stalks you on social media

This is a classic for any zodiac sign who is still interested in their ex. Of course, naturally, after a breakup, communication on social media with your ex is likely to decrease.

However, if your ex Taurean is trying to win you back, he will probably start liking and commenting on your posts, or tagging you on Facebook.

If this has been happening, that is a sure sign that your ex-Taurus fella still has feelings for you.

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He calls and texts for no apparent reason

a woman sending he ex boyfriend a text message to get him backIf your ex-Taurus partner keeps finding reasons to call or text you, it’s probably because he still loves you and he wants to reconcile with you.

What’s more, if he has been calling you when drunk, that is a sign that he is definitely still interested in you. It is just that he doesn’t have the courage to approach you when he is sober.

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Final Thoughts

It’s very normal to feel confused after a breakup more so if you have been suspecting that your ex-boyfriend wants to get back with you too.

If you also want him back then all you have to do is watch out for the above signs, then make your move.

If you’re not sure exactly what you should do to get him back then sending these simple text messages will get him begging to be back with you in no time. You can get the ‘exact’ text messages to send him here.

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