How To Attract a Taurus Man With Text Messages

Last Updated on September 30, 2021

a woman text flirting with a guyIf you’re looking to attract a Taurus man, it’s important to know what he likes and dislikes.

If you want him to be intrigued by your text messages, avoid the following: sending too many texts in one day; sending texts during his workday; asking for money or other favors; texting about sex right off the bat.

What intrigues a Taurus man? Well-written deep conversations help him feel open and share his thoughts and feelings with someone they trust.

That’s not all! He also loves compliments on his appearance (but just because he looks good doesn’t mean you should send him photos of yourself). If you really want to make an impression, compliment his humility as well as how easy-going he is.

If you’ve got your eye on a hot Taurus guy then attracting his attention with text messages can be the right way to go.

Texting a new guy is fun and can give you those giddy feelings of excitement each time you receive a text from him.

However, it is important to not come across as needy or desperate, but instead, send him texts that will make him become intrigued to find out more about you.

A program that I discovered recently called Text Chemistry has been developed by leading relationship expert Amy North. Her system has helped scores of women to not only attract their Taurus crush but also mend a relationship after a breakup.

Amy has produced a program of text messages with subliminal meaning that can make a Taurus man crazy with desire for the woman who sent them. If you want a Taurus man to chase you, or come back after a bust-up this could be for you.

Don’t just take my word for it. I cannot fully explain all the benefits and the power of Amy’s program in this article, so I urge you to watch a short video of Text Chemistry here. 

Otherwise, please keep reading for my top tips on texting a Taurus guy.

Texting back and forth with a guy you like can be fun. It can give you those exciting butterfly feelings in your tummy every time you hear the familiar chime of your phone.

However, as great as texting can be, text messages are responsible for a massive amount of misunderstandings between couples and would-be lovers, according to Randi Gunther Ph.D

Seductive Text Messages to Win the Heart of a Taurus Man

I’m sure you, like me, have had a misunderstanding through text messages, or you at least know someone who has. It’s pretty embarrassing, right..?

If you’re wanting to attract a guy and make him want you, the last thing you need to do is to make yourself sound like a dork or come across as needy and desperate.

So, am I saying don’t text him at all? No, absolutely not. I think texting a guy is one of the most effective and fun ways to get him to want you. As long as you text the right words at the right times.

The fact is that men and women both think very differently when it comes to love, romance, and attraction.

Most women, therefore, make the mistake of either sending a guy a message she would like to receive herself. A message that she thinks will attract him, without actually understanding the kind of words and phrases that guys actually respond to.

It all comes down to psychology. Fortunately, men are actually quite simple creatures when you understand how they think. And when you do, attracting him through text message and getting him to chase you becomes as easy as pushing a few buttons.

However, many women make the same mistakes time and again when texting a guy and then wonder why he’s lost interest.

That’s why relationship expert Amy North has created her no-nonsense step-by-step course that any woman can use right away. This will enable you to text a man and literally have him begging to be with you.

I first came across Amy’s course here and I can tell you, the info she shares is so effective it will literally eliminate any competition you may have from other women who are also after “your Taurus crush.”

You may prefer to take your chances and figure out the right text messages to send him by yourself? If so, then read the rest of this article for six important tips to bear in mind when texting a Taurus guy.

Top Tips on How to Attract a Taurus Man Via Texting

Flirting Through Text

Honesty about who you really are is important when trying to gain the attention of a Taurus man. I’m aware it can be really tempting to lie about who you are or what you have achieved in your life when texting him.

However, you really will want to keep it real with him because of his honest nature. In time, he will inevitably discover the lie, which could kill the attraction between you.

Your goal is to make him gravitate towards you. So, avoid pushing him away by always being honest even as you text him.

a woman in a cafe sending a text message to a guy

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Seductive Text Messages for a Man

Men love compliments just as much as women, and the Taurus man is no exception. If you want him to become attracted to you, it is important that you throw in a compliment in your text.

For example, you can compliment him on the way he dresses, how he talks, his confident stature, and even his fit body. However, your compliment must be genuine and sincere. Do not compliment him on his fit body if he is a little overweight as he will know you are lying and he will not appreciate it.

The secret of using compliments when texting is to make him feel how much you admire and adore him without being too blatant about it.

Amy shows you exactly how to compliment a guy in a way that makes him more attracted to you in her course. You can find out how to do it here.

Keep it Fun and Flirty

If you are texting a Taurus man you have just met or one you have known for some time, the secret to winning his attention is to make it fun by keeping your messages playful, but light.

Taurus guys love to flirt a little. It makes them feel desired, which is a nice ego massage. Making him smile or laugh when he sees your texts is the key to getting him to fall for you.

In addition, a Taurus man likes confident women, and flirting with him without feeling afraid can show him that you have confidence, which is also a way of building attraction.

a man lying on a bed texting

Show Respect and Acknowledgment

If you want to make your Taurus crush fall for you just by texting him, your text needs to show that you also respect him.

Taurus men are known to be big on respect, and they want to be respected by the woman in their life. Therefore, even as you try to seduce him via text, it is important that you show him respect through the words you use.

Respectful words that appreciate him or encourage him in his endeavors would do the trick of making him gravitate towards you.

Always avoid criticizing him, accusing him, or judging him negatively if you really want him to become attracted to you. This is because Taurus men do not take criticism and negativity lightly.

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Be Patient When You Text a Taurus Man

When you text a Taurus man, it is important to keep in mind that he never wants to be pushed or rushed into anything.

He also wants to think that becoming interested in you is his idea. This is another reason why Amy North’s course is so effective. Her text message literally helps you get inside his head, speak to the attraction centers in his brain, and make him feel that you are the one for him. Amy explains how it works here.

So,  when you send him a text and he fails to respond instantly, do not keep pestering him with questions or ask him why he hasn’t responded. This kind of behavior will definitely put him off.

It is important that you exercise patience if you really want to win his heart. He might take longer to respond, but eventually, he will, so just be patient.

Make Him Feel in Control by Being a Little Reserved

The secret to making a Taurus man fall for you is to ensure that he feels he is the one in control. Taurus men like to be the ones to say what should happen when, and how it should happen.

So, do not be tempted to ask him to take you out for a date.

Instead, wait until he finally makes up his mind that you should go on a date with him. It is important to note that giving a Taurus man the opportunity to be in control makes him feel good, and he will definitely like you all the more for that.

Final Thoughts

If you really want that Taurus man you have a crush on to fix his attention on you, it is important to not only send him texts that are well-executed but also text messages that are charming, fun, playful, flirtatious, and considerate of who he is as a person.

The trick is to keep it real, simple and above all, be patient with him.

The last thing you want to do is make the same texting mistakes that many other women make that cause a guy to lose interest in her. The sad fact is that these mistakes can easily be avoided by learning how to win his heart over text.

CharleneI hope you found this article of help and there are lots more to read on my website regarding relationship situations with a Taurus guy.

I hope you find love with your man.

My joy is in giving


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