The Taurus Man In Love – What You Need To Know

Last Updated on May 13, 2021

a young couple in loveDo you have the hots for a sexy Taurus man and are desperate to know if he really is in love with you?

Of course, you don’t want to push the situation by asking him, for fear of making him feel trapped.

If you have been seeing a Taurus guy for a while, but you’re not sure of his true feelings, it’s only natural to start to look for the signs that he is actually in love with you.

I’m sure you, like me, have found that a Taurus man can be quite shy and reserved when it comes to talking about his feelings.

It can take him a while before he recognizes that he is actually falling in love…

I recently discovered a program that has been created by dating and relationship expert Amy North. She explains how to get complete devotion from your Taurus crush and make him declare his love for you.

Amy’s program is based on a psychological sequence of “desire stages” that will lead him to be totally devoted to you.

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The Taurus man in love

Too much pressure of commitment can make it hard for a Taurus guy to open up about his true feelings in the early days.

Due to this, it can be especially difficult to tell if a Taurus man is really in love with you or if you’re just wasting your time with him.

Well, known astrologer, Anna Kovach has compiled years of her research on Taurus men and put it all together in a course that helps women read a Taurus man like an open book.

She also shows women exactly how to communicate to make him fall in love and commit to a long-term relationship. Her course is called Taurus Men Secrets and I reviewed it here for my readers.

In this article, you are going to gain insights into some verbal and non-verbal signs that a Taurus man loves you.

The Signs a Taurus Man Loves You

He wants to spend time with you

One sure sign that a Taurus man is into you is he will be wanting to spend most of his time with you.

The fact that he wants to always be with you is a great sign that he has already started to fall in love with you.

When he loves you, his desire is to make you feel like the most important person in his life by putting you high up on his list of priorities.

Find out how relationship coach, Amy North makes men crave to be with her and think of her even when she’s not around, and how you can too. Amy explains exactly how she does it here.

He maintains his loyalty

A Taurus man may have taken his sweet time to decide if indeed you are the kind of woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

However, once he makes his mind up he is slow to change it and commits for the long-term. This is because a Taurus guy values stability and dislikes change.

One of his highest ranking values in a relationship is the value of loyalty. For a Taurus man to get serious about a woman he absolutely must feel and know that his woman is a loyal partner.

In return, he will be a loyal and devoted lover and will not stray.

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He is extremely possessive

Taurus men are by nature very possessive characters. So, when you are in a relationship with him, unfortunately, the possessiveness can become extreme at times.

However, he will not become possessive over you if he is not in love.

On the flip side, his possessiveness does not come from a desire to control you, but from a desire not to lose you.

Even though it can be annoying at times, his possessiveness shows that he does really care for you deep down.

You may need to talk to him about this aspect of his character so it does not get out of control. The fact that he is a person who can be very jealous can cause him to intrude on your boundaries.

All he really wants is the reassurance that you are his and his alone. It is also a way of showing you that he is connected to you.

He will surprise you with gifts

The Taurus man is known to be a very romantic and passionate guy.

If he loves you, he will certainly express his emotional connection to you by bringing you a range of gifts such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and other things he thinks you would like.

In addition, since a Taurus man can at times be very shy in verbally expressing how he feels, he is likely to use gifts as a way of showing his love and interest in you.

a man giving the woman he loves a gift

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He keeps touching you

Touch is considered crucial in strengthening romantic relationships, and one non-verbal sign that lets you know that a Taurus man is crazily in love with you is his constant need to touch you.

You might notice that he often wants to engage in playful physical activities with you.

He will also be likely to sweep you up off your feet, touch your hair or your shoulder when he helps you with your coat and touch you on your arm or hand from time to time when you are having a meal together.

His touch is an indication of how much he likes you. So, if your man has been touching you often, he definitely likes you more than a little.

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He compliments you a lot

If you have been receiving endless compliments from a Taurus man, he is definitely attracted to you. You need not worry if he actually means what he says.

When he says something, it is said with thought and is usually coming from a sincere place.

In addition, it is not normal for a Taurus man to go throwing compliments about carelessly. When he does give you a compliment then he is definitely feeling something for you.

He will ask you personal questions

A Taurus man will not want to know you at a personal level if he is not into you.

Having said that, if you have noticed that he has been asking you endless questions about your life.

Your childhood, your career, your likes and dislikes, your family and friends, or the kind of music that you like, then this is a sure sign that he is feeling charmed by you.

However, he is not naturally the open type, and so he might not share a lot with you during your first few dates. However, he will certainly let you in as the relationship blossoms.

Final Thoughts

If a Taurus man has an interest in you, he will express it by giving you gifts, complimenting you, touching you often, and giving you his undivided attention.

But if you want to be sure he loves you then check out The Devotion Sequence here.

If you pay attention to the above signs, you will definitely be able to interpret his level of interest, as well as make a distinction between what he does and what he is really feeling for you.

THE SECRET TO MAKING HIM LOVE YOU: If you have read this far, but you’re still not sure if he loves you then don’t leave anything to chance.

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CharleneI hope this article has been of help in getting your Taurus crush to declare his love for you.

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