Taurus Man & Aries Woman Break Up

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

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If you’re an Aries woman going through a breakup with a Taurus man or if you’ve both recently separated, then this article will help you to get him back.

A Taurus man and an Aries woman relationship are said to need a lot of hard work and compromise to succeed.

This match has unique temperaments, which can mean fights and arguments are inevitable.

This does not mean that a relationship between these two zodiac signs cannot work, though. It just means that a little understanding and appreciation of one another’s unique traits are needed.

If you are on the verge of breaking up then having open and honest communication between you is vital if you want to stand any chance of recovering the relationship.

Unfortunately, this is not always easy if either of you is feeling hurt, angry, or closed down.

At this point, a few simple text messages written by a relationship coach can help to open the channels of communication and rekindle the feelings of love once again.

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A Taurus man generally prefers to take things slow and have a very stable and predictable relationship.

On the other hand, an Aries female craves passion and spontaneity. She is adventurous and somewhat reckless.

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Due to their passionate, fiery nature, Aries women are said to be strong and confident. However, they can also be domineering and jealous when in a relationship.

An Aries lady knows her self-worth and, therefore, wants to be given the undivided attention of her significant other.

On the other hand, a Taurean guy wants an independent woman who will not rely on him for everything.

Unfortunately, her need for his devotion and attention can be perceived as neediness by a Taurean man, even though it may not be where it is coming from on the side of the fiery ram.

If you are an Aries woman in love with a Taurus guy, it is important that you understand his key personality traits and how he thinks in a relationship.

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Reading on, in this article, you are going to gain insights on the tell-tale signs your Taurus man wants to end the relationship.

I will also share things you can do to stop a breakup from happening, and what you need to do to get him back if the breakup has already happened.

How to Tell If a Taurus Man Is About to Break Up With You


Silent treatment

a man not looking happy with his girlfriend

Aries women are known to be very confrontational, stubborn, and impulsive.

They rarely think twice before asking questions or speaking their mind.

While these are great traits in many contexts, they can actually harm a relationship with the sensitive Taurus fella.

This is because he desires a calm, stable relationship and hates conflict.

Taurean guys also have a need to feel respected by their women.

Even though his Aries lady may well respect him, he can often feel disrespected when she acts this way towards him.

So, if he’s grown tired of the back and forth confrontation, arguments, and feeling disrespected, he is likely to become cold and withdraw. He may even give you the silent treatment.

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Lack of attention

Aries ladies love receiving attention from their mates more so because it makes them feel secure and desired.

When everything is stable in the relationship, a Taurean man is usually very affectionate, generous, caring, and dedicated to his lover.

However, if he wants to call it quits, he is unlikely to feel the need to stay loyal to her.

One thing about the Taurus man is that he needs to feel comfortable with the woman in his life to be able to shower her with his undivided attention.

This is how he truly wants to be in a relationship.

However, if there are frequent rows and a perceived lack of respect then he will not feel that the woman in his life is deserving of his attention and affection.

So, if your Taurean crush no longer feels comfortable around you, the attention, care, and love will certainly diminish.

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Lack of conversation

A Taurus man loves to connect mentally with his partner and engage her in meaningful and interesting conversations. Well, that is, conversations that ‘he’ feels are meaningful, which often relates to business and making money.

If he’s stopped talking to you like he used to and has become mentally distant, he may be thinking of finishing the relationship and moving on to pastures new.

Communication can absolutely make or break a relationship, according to this article in the huffingtonpost.com.

So if you really want to make it work with your Taurus lover then do everything you can to have an open and honest conversation with him.

How to Stop a Taurus Man from Breaking Up With You

Control your anger

As I mentioned earlier, Taurus guys do not like arguments and confrontation in their relationship.

Although you may feel the need to talk about the issues between the two of you, avoid getting angry and venting at him at all costs.

While some people think that being angry makes them look strong, it actually shows a sign of weakness and an inability to control their emotions.

While the constant arguing is annoying to a Taurus guy, he will also lose respect for you over time if he thinks you can’t control yourself.

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Control your impulsivity

Taurus men prefer to take things slow before making decisions. They use careful thought and planning in almost everything they do. However, this can seem very slow and boring to an Aries lady.

On the other hand, an Aries woman can tend to be very impatient and impulsive. Her firey side and spontaneity can be difficult for him to comprehend.

While both of these methods of operating have their advantages and disadvantages they will depend on the situation.

The rashness and spontaneity of the Aries female can seem reckless and irresponsible to a Taurus guy. This, in turn, will not help to make him feel stable in the relationship.

So, try to show some restraint and careful thought when it comes to important decisions that the two of you need to make together.

Do not be controlling

When in a relationship, a Taurus man wants to feel like he is in control and in the lead.

This does not mean that he wants to be dominating and overbearing. But rather, he wants to feel like he can be the rock for his Aries lover and be a good provider for her.

However, an Aries woman can be a little bossy and confrontational, to say the least.

So, in order for this relationship to survive, it is important not to be bossy and domineering. He needs to feel like the man in the relationship.

This doesn’t mean that you always need to take the back seat. You just need to make him “feel” like he is in control.

Spend money wisely

Taurus men are conscious of how they spend their money. On the other hand, an Aries woman can be somewhat extravagant and take great pleasure in spending her money on expensive things.

While it is, of course, absolutely fine to spend your own money if you can afford to do so without going into debt, a Taurus guy will not want to be with a woman who has uncontrolled spending habits.

This is especially true if her excessive spending may lead to her depending on him financially.

Taurus guys are careful and methodical when it comes to money. If he sees that you are also careful with money and are able to also save as well as spend, then he’ll more likely see you as a long-term partner.

a man and a woman making up on a beach at sunset

How to Recover a Relationship with a Taurus Man & Make Him Want You Again

Do not push him

Taurus men are stubborn and resistant. They hate to be pushed into making decisions.

So, if, for instance, you contact him after a fight and he fails to respond, it is important that you avoid pestering him.

for instance, double texting is a big no-no. If he hasn’t responded to your first message, just give him some breathing space to get back to you when he is ready.

If the two of you are not talking then text messaging can be one of your biggest assets in getting him back and making him fall in love with you again.

However, we all know that misunderstandings are all too common when it comes to texting, especially during or after a breakup.

That’s why it’s especially important to only send the messages that will get him to open up and soften to you.

Relationship expert, Amy North has a highly effective copy/paste text messaging system that she has taught to thousands of people who have saved their relationship. You can get the exact text messages Amy uses here.

Give him space

Taurus men love to have their own space. Furthermore, he also needs to be able to take his time to think things through and come to a decision on his own. This is the reason why it is so important to give him space.

However, with the right knowledge and understanding of the Taurus male mind, you can subtly have an influence on his thoughts and bring him around to your way of thinking.

If you want to be able to do this in a subtle way that makes him think that getting back together with you is all his idea, then read my article here.

Open up

Communication is important when trying to sort out your differences with your Taurean lover.

If you haven’t already told him what you are going through or how you feel, it is important that you be honest and straightforward.

If you don’t feel you can talk to him face to face about your true feelings without it ending in an argument then you may consider writing him a letter.

Taking the time to sit down quietly by yourself to write exactly how you feel and what you want from the relationship can be a very liberating experience for yourself.

Besides this, he will also be able to get a clear picture of your true feelings, which he may not have had before.

Final Thoughts

For a Taurus man and Aries woman relationship to be successful, both of you need to understand and respect each other’s personalities.

compromise is always a part of any relationship, and for this dynamic to work there will also need to be a good amount of compromise in order to maintain a healthy and balanced union.

If you feel that you’ve tried everything you can to get him back and you’re just not sure what else you can try, don’t lose hope.

Relationship expert, Amy North has assisted thousands of couples to get back together after a breakup and build a happier, stronger relationship than they had before.

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