How to Deal With a Taurus Man Blowing Hot & Cold (5 Things To Know)

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

They say that dating Taurus men should be close to a fairytale, but like everything in life, it can vary.

As an earth sign, Taurus man is stable, reliable, and successful.

You must be a lucky woman to have one of those. They are also hedonists and love to satisfy their senses.

As such, they love good food, good music, and comfortable places. They enjoy sensual women who have class and look good.

However, when he starts to blow hot and cold it can be very confusing. So, in order to truly know what is hiding behind a Taurus man’s actions, we need to first pay attention to some of his key characteristics.

At the root of it, understanding and good communication are key, as you will soon realize by reading this article.

When he is blowing hot and cold it is important not to crowd him, but instead, let him know that you are a woman who does not need all of his attention every five minutes.

Relationship experts agree that when a guy needs space we should give it to him. However, a few well-placed text messages can do wonders to send the right message to his brain that you are a rare and special woman that he shouldn’t let go of easily.

If you’re in a hurry then you can find out about the exact texts to send here. Otherwise, please keep reading.

So, what is causing your Taurus man to blow hot and cold with you?

Things That Cause Taurus to Blow Hot & Cold


There are a lot of reasons he might play games with you, even though he hates game-playing himself.

It all depends on what’s happening inside of him, driving him to act the way that he’s acting. Maybe you could do something about it? Let me give you some advice.

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He needs time

a man not looking happy with his girlfriend

It can be hard to get things moving. They are not lazy, but rather a bit inert and passive.

Maybe your Taurus man is not uninterested; maybe he is just waiting for you to shake him up a bit. But what does it mean if Taurus man’s moves are quick?

The truth is: it’s pretty hard to read a Taurus since they are not so open about their feelings.

They are totally fine with showing them, but usually, they just aren’t talkers.

Reading signals is harder than acquiring information verbally, and it can be really confusing to know what a Taurus man wants.

They are very careful in making decisions, and it’s not odd for him to take a step back out of everything in order to figure out what he really wants from you.

Don’t worry. He would never intentionally hurt you. He just doesn’t want to rush things. Take it slow, as it can only be good for both of you.

My advice is to have patience with him. Give him the time to think.

With a Taurus man, you will need all the patience of this world, but we must agree that it is definitely easier to wait for a man to make up his mind, than to date someone who never knows what he wants.

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You are trying to change him

Sometimes, we expect and can ask too much of people. We women, for the most part, are a bit more flexible than men. Sometimes we ask of them to be more like us, but how can you expect an earth sign, especially one as stubborn as Taurus, to change?

We should never ask anyone to change for our own sake anyway, but if you try to control your Taurus guy, you will certainly make him run away from you. For him, your relationship would only feel like pressure.

They really are true to themselves, and impossible to control. Actually, it is they who love to control things.

Let him decide. Let him lead the game, but don’t lose yourself in it.

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You seem to drift off too much

a woman sending a man a text message

You have met a perfect man in this sign, everything is going well, but as long as you start going out without him a lot more, he starts behaving differently; he is hot and cold, he doesn’t text back as frequently.

Why is that??

Taurus men need a woman who is independent, but always by his side. They tend to be possessive in their relationships.

So, if you seem unreliable, that could make him question your loyalty in long-term relationships.

Of course, you should not give up your life because of your man. If you accept to change your habits in which you find joy, it will only result in you being unhappy with him, and not being who you really are.

Instead of that, show him how much you care about him.

Text him frequently when you are out with your friends, so he can have that feeling of you being there for him and thinking of his feelings. Don’t worry, when he establishes his trust in you, it will all become easier.

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A very important thing you should be aware of is the position of his leading planet, Venus. If it’s in Aries or Gemini, that can influence his character a lot. He would not behave like a classic Taurus.

A famous and experienced astrologist, Anna Kovach, who is actually specialized in this topic, argues that actually, the biggest reason why Taurus man would change his attitude towards you is this; he feels like he is not being understood.

Anna has written a book that shows you step-by-step how to understand your Taurus man and get him to commit to you. I reviewed it here for my readers.

He feels like he is not being understood

As stubborn as they can be, they will try not to show any emotions while having an argument with you. It’s not because they are trying to hurt you, but because they don’t really know how to talk about their emotions.

We have already noted that they need a lot of time, and they are usually very loving and affectionate, but they need you to be a very good listener.

There is a really good YouTube video about understanding Taurus men which I recommend since the author is a professional astrologist.

There’s Someone Else

If Taurus man is blowing hot and cold, then unfortunately there is also the possibility that he has eyes for someone else.

So, is Taurus man the cheating type. no, not usually, but they’re all different.

Bit, if another person also holds his interest, then he may be withdrawing from you to assess his true feelings.

If you want to make sure that your Taurus man has eyes for you, and only you, then watch this short video now from relationship coach, James Bauer.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, Taurus men are pretty simple, even if sometimes they give us, women, a hard time. They have a reason for their every action, so figuring out a Taurus guy is usually our first and final step.

When you know what’s wrong between you two, you can easily try to work it out, together. Be the best version of yourself, and you will shine. They will love it.

Taurus men can teach us a very important life lesson: everything that is good needs a lot of time. If you are willing to invest in your relationship, you two can build a very strong and long-lasting relationship. They won’t be hot nor cold, but exactly what they actually want to be: gentle and loving.

Just be true to yourself, and to him as well, and he will soon reveal himself to you.

Let him know you are there for him and respect that he may need a little space, but at the same time, you are a woman of value who will not wait around forever.

Sending the right text messages at the right time can make him see your value and want to be with you, as a relationship expert, Amy North explains here.

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