Taurus Man & Cancer Woman Break Up

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

A Cancerian woman going through a breakup with a Taurus guy

A relationship between a Taurean man and a Cancer woman is quite often a good match and very smooth.

When together, they are sensual, intuitive, loyal, kind, caring, and understanding of one another. As such, a Taurus male and a Cancerian female have a strong physical and emotional connection.

These two are the type of couple who love indulging in tasty food and pricey wines together.

Their compatibility is unparalleled, and they would prefer to spend time together rather than with other people.

However, not all that glitters is gold, and even a match as good as this one can have its ups and downs.

If you are a Cancerian girl in a relationship with a Taurean guy, but you’re worried that he wants to break up with you then the first thing you need to do is to make sure you both have open and honest communication.

Text messaging can be a great way to do this as it completely bypasses any resistance to having a conversation and allows you to deliver your message without interruptions.

However, misunderstandings over text messages are common, especially if a couple is not seeing eye to eye.

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How To Tell If a Taurus Man Is About To Break Up With You


Silent treatment

a man not looking happy with his girlfriend

Although the introverted Taurean and his Cancer girlfriend don’t usually talk at great lengths with one another, the communication they do have is often very good and well understood.

However, just like his Cancer girlfriend, a Taurus man will often pull back and withdraw if he’s unhappy in a relationship.

Therefore, if there has been less communication between the two of you than usual or he seems less willing to have a conversation with you, then he may be losing interest in you.

No intimacy

These men love physical pleasure and indulging their senses when it comes to sex. They love to see, feel, smell and taste their partner’s body. This kind of sexual connection and satisfaction is very important to him.

So, if you have noticed that he no longer seems interested in getting intimate with you then there could just be a few things on his mind that are bothering him. However, if this is not the case then he may be losing interest in you.

Taurus guys love to go the extra mile to please their lover in bed, so if he’s not spending as much time as he uses to on your pleasure then there’s likely something up.

Too busy

Due to their strong drive, Taurus men can be workaholics. However, they will always create time for the special people in their lives.

If your Taurean lover has been giving you excuses that he’s too busy or too tired to spend some time with you, then he’s very well could be thinking of breaking up with you.

He cheats on you

Taurean men are very loyal and trustworthy as these are two of their core values. However, if your Taurean boyfriend is no longer interested in you, infidelity is very possible.

If he has been criticizing every little thing you do or saying mean things to you, it could be that he is thinking of moving on to pastures new.

How to Stop a Taurus Man from Breaking Up With You

Don’t be oversensitive

Cancerian woman is very in touch with their emotions. As such, Cancer women can be quite emotional at times.

Bear in mind that if he has started to lose interest in you then being overly emotional can push him away even more.

So, learning to control your emotions and keeping your voice calm when you are upset is key to your happiness and relationship with your man.

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Open up

One thing in common with this couple is their tendency to pull back whenever things go wrong.

It can very easy for your crush to get annoyed with his lover, particularly if he feels you are clingy, overly emotional or moody, and withdrawn.

With that in mind, initiating honest dialogue helps him to open up to you and for the two of you to bond.

Knowing why he is behaving the way he is can help you make important changes to your relationship and stop him from leaving you.

Give him space

Taurus men are known to be very stubborn. What’s more, they value their personal space. So, if your Taurus lover is annoyed and is not willing to tell you what is bothering him, give him time to think things through and calm down.

Pushing him or rushing him to iron out things with you will only make him withdraw from you completely.

a man and a woman making up on a beach at sunset

How to Recover a Relationship with a Taurus Man & Make Him Want You

Satisfy his cravings

The desire of every man is to be in a relationship with a woman who he trusts, respects, and can satisfy his needs both in and out of the bedroom.

So, if you are a good cook, serving him a good meal accompanied by his favorite wine are certainly, things that he will value in you and the relationship.

Giving him quality time and sexual intimacy in the bedroom is also important. You need to keep doing things that will lure him into getting physical with you again.

One thing in particular that is very seductive for a Taurus guy is dirty talk. He loves the ego massage and sexual stimulation that naughty talk brings.

However, it is important to talk dirty in a way that actually turns him on and not just says the words that “you think” will make him hot. You can find out exactly how to talk dirty to a Taurus guy here.

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Don’t be clingy and controlling

If you suspect that your lover is acting out because of clingy or manipulative tendencies, proving to him that you are an independent and confident woman is highly important.

It is important to remember that this kind of guy can be quite domineering and want to be in charge of things. So, do not try to control him or you will push him away.

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Stop over-analyzing

Taurus men are known to be very trustworthy. They also want a woman who they can trust and who trusts them in return.

However, Cancer women can sometimes be insecure and suspicious of their partners.

If you want to win the attention of your lover, it is important that you avoid panicking or putting too much pressure on him.

Just trust in him and his character. Take the stance that he is loyal and trustworthy unless he has given you a good and solid reason not to trust him.

Final Thoughts

A relationship between a Taurus male and a Cancer female is generally highly compatible. However, difficulties are inevitable in all relationships, and theirs is no exception to this.

It is important to balance your emotions and be patient with your lover so he does not feel that you are too clingy or demanding of his time and attention.

If you are currently going through a breakup or you think that one may be imminent then you may be able to completely avoid a breakup and even make him realize all the reasons why he wants to be with you, with the right advice.

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