Taurus Man & Capricorn Woman Break Up

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

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A Taurean male and Capricorn female have an interesting union when in a relationship together.

Due to their earthy nature, they have a structured, stable, and solid relationship.

However, these partners both have different temperaments, which might make it hard to sustain the relationship if they are not able to find a happy medium and accommodate one another’s unique traits.

Although they can have many common goals, their opinions are quite different. What’s more, the Taurean guy and Capricorn lady rarely embrace spontaneity, which can lead to things becoming a bit stale and predictable in their relationship.

This couple is also very poor at talking about their emotions and differences. With a lack of communication, relationship problems and possible break up’s are bound to occur.

If a breakup is on the cards then the first step is to establish open and honest communication. If it’s been difficult to talk to your partner or to get them to open up then a few simple text messages can help to break the cycle.

However, you can’t just send any text as the last thing you want is for your message to be misinterpreted. You can get the tried and tested breakup recovery text messages here.

If you’re a Capricorn lady in such a match, this article will help you understand how this kind of guy will behave before a breakup, therefore, help you to predict what may be coming next.

I will also talk about some things you can do to prevent a breakup if you’re wanting to make the relationship work. Please keep reading.

How to Tell If a Taurus Man Is About to Break Up With You


Lack of attention

a man not looking happy with his girlfriend

A Taurus man in love with a Capricorn woman is often very supportive and considerate of her.

The Taurean tends to make sacrifices for her benefit. Apart from that, he always looks forward to spending his evenings at home with his Capricorn lover.

So, if your Taurean fella has lost interest in spending time for you and is not being as supportive of you as he once was, then it may be a sign that he is thinking of breaking up with you.

Does not use ‘we’ and ‘us’

Due to their earthly nature, Taurus guys love stability and prefer to be in a long-term committed relationship.

If he’s set on being with you for the long term then he’ll use the words ‘we’ and ‘us’ when talking about his plans for the future. Using these words means that he also sees you included in his plans.

If, however, he talks about his future plans only related to himself, then it could mean that he’s not that serious about you.

Of course, this is totally normal in the first few months of a relationship as the two of you are likely just getting to know each other and deciding if it’s gonna be a serious thing.

However, if you’ve already been seeing each other for quite a while and he’s still describing his future plans as something that will be potentially by himself, he may just not be that into you. In this case, a breakup could be just around the corner.

Unfortunately, he may have already made up his mind about you before getting to know the real you. However, it is more than possible to turn it all around, show him what an amazing woman you are, and get him to realize that he absolutely wants to be with you.

Relationship astrologer, Anna Kovach teaches women exactly how to do all this in her Taurus Man Secrets course. I reviewed it for my readers here so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Does not plan things with you

When in a relationship, a Taurean man and a Capricorn girl love to work hard, save their money and make plans together.

However, if he no longer seems to be including you in his plans and frequently arranging to do things without you then he may be losing interest. Either that or you’ve pissed him off in some way.

If this is the case then it would be a good idea to have a conversation with him to find out what’s going on.

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How to Stop a Taurus Man from Breaking Up With You

Open up to him

A Taurean guy and a Capricorn girl can have very poor communication skills when in a relationship. They hate showing that they have any insecurity or fear so will often keep their emotions to themselves.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, good, honest, and open conversation is a must in any relationship if it is to survive. However, a Taurean and a Cap may need to work extra hard at making this the norm.

If the two of you have built a sufficient amount of trust then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Feeling safe to open up with one another and knowing that your partner will not judge you, but instead, will listen openly and respect your thoughts and feelings is the place to start.

So, have a conversation with your lover to let him know that he can talk to you about anything, you will not judge him and you will respect his opinions as well as his privacy. The same goes for him too, so also ask that he shows you the same respect in return.

Be sensual

Taurus men in bed are sensual and physical. They like to make love in a way that indulges all their senses. As such, one of their favorite positions is the missionary position as it enables him to have a good view of his partner and look deep into her eyes while making love.

However, Taureans are not known to be very imaginative when it comes to sex and can often stick to the same old routine. This can get rather boring for both parties so mix it up a little and introduce something new.

If you can keep things exciting in the bedroom then he is far less likely to get bored and look for other sexual experiences outside of your relationship.

Capricorn ladies are also known to be a bit reserved and rarely initiate sex with her lover. However, a Taurean guy would find it rather exciting if the lady also initiated sex from time to time.

Doing so lets him know that you find him attractive and you want him.

One of the most sexually exciting and erotic things you can do for your lover to make him want you to learn to talk dirty to him.

Most women think they know how to talk dirty to a guy, but the reality is that men and women think very differently about sex. The words that may turn a woman on are not the same that would sexually excite a guy.

Sex expert, Felicity Keith teaches women the exact words and phrases to use on a guy that drives him absolutely wild and wanting you, and only you. She also teaches women how to step into their power and be confident in their own sexual power. You can find out more about Felicity’s course here.

Create fun for him

A Capricorn/Taurus relationship can be somewhat reserved and routine-based. Once settled with each other, neither wants to get out of their comfort zone. However, this can create boredom.

Incorporating some fun and exciting activities into your relationship that you both love doing together will be a refreshing change. It will bring a new sense of fun into your relationship and also establish some quality time that the two of you can spend together.

a man and a woman making up on a beach at sunset

How to Recover a Relationship with a Taurus Man & Make Him Want You

The no contact rule

In the early stages of a breakup, it can help both parties tremendously to have a little space from one another. This gives you both time to cool off and regroup.

However, the no contact rule also has the added benefit of making your ex think about you and miss you. When he’s not in contact with you he will naturally start to wonder what you’re doing, who you’re with, and if you’re over him already.

Once a person starts to think in this way they will naturally also start to question themselves and the breakup and wonder if it was, indeed, the right thing to do.

So, during this time, make the most of your space and freedom to catch up with friends, do a little retail therapy, and maybe even pamper yourself with a spa day.

This can also be a great time for a makeover as it will help you to feel good, raise your self-esteem and make you much more confident the next time you see him.

So, get yourself to the gym, catch up on your beauty sleep and maybe even consider a change of hairstyle.

When you do finally decide to make contact with him, text messaging is the way to go. However, the first text messages that you send him are critically important if you do not want to blow your chances completely.

Relationship expert, Amy North recommends that you send him these texts.

Invite him for a dinner date

Due to their sensual and indulgent nature, Taureans absolutely love good food. If you’ve already been in a relationship with him then you’re probably already thinking about his favorite food as you read this.

Possibly it is something that you can cook well then inviting him round for lunch or dinner may be a great way for the two of you to reconnect. If, however, it’s a dish that you’re not great at cooking yourself then invite him to a nice restaurant where you will both enjoy the experience.

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Let him be the man

Capricorn ladies are self-motivated, independent and they go for what they want.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that these traits can make you seem a little domineering to your lover, even if that is not your intention.

It is important to recognize that your man needs to feel like the man in the relationship. So, if you have been making him feel like a subordinate, it is important that you let him take the lead and feel like the man in the relationship.

Final Thoughts

To have a long-lasting relationship, a Taurus male and Capricorn female couple need to work towards balancing their different character traits.

If the two of you are constantly working hard then it may cause you to neglect other important aspects of your relationship such as fun, intimacy, and adventure.

Understanding your lover on a deep level is the first step to being able to fulfill all his needs in a relationship. Anna Kovach tells you everything you need to know in order to fulfill him emotionally, mentally, and sexually in her book, Taurus Man Secrets.

If you’re still going through a breakup or if the two of you have already parted ways but you desperately want him back, it may not be too late.

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