Taurus Man in Bed – 11 Surprising Things You Need To Know

Last Updated on June 10, 2022

a man in bed waiting for his woman to take off her robe

A Taurus man in bed is known to be very sensual, attentive to his partner, and a respectful lover.

He is a thoughtful, affectionate patient and loyal when in love and will do almost anything to please his woman.

However, he prefers to stick with what he knows works for him in bed rather than keep trying new things.

That’s not to say he won’t experiment and try new things if his lover asks him. He just doesn’t have much of an imagination to think up new sexy adventures all by himself.

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What’s more, the Taurus man is not an adventurous and imaginative lover, but he is a sensual and romantic guy who tends to understand and satisfy his partner’s feelings and desires.

In other words, a Taurus guy knows how to give his woman attention with his sensual and strong message and sexual skills. In addition, a Taurus guy is the kind of man who seeks physical contact and personal comfort.

A Taurus man is not the kind of man who will freely share his emotions with his lover, and he will normally bottle them up until he feels secure with his partner.

What’s more, he tends to get attracted to beautiful and sexy women, and he is the kind of man who tends to make his woman feel very loved and secure.

Having said that, if you have fallen head over heels for a Taurus guy and you would like to make him gravitate towards you, it is important that you understand what turns a Taurus man on.

In addition, it is imperative that you get to understand what turns him off too. Understanding the Sextrology of a Taurus man is vital in achieving an emotional long-term connection.

This article will help you discover what you need to keep doing and what you need to avoid doing in order to make him fall for you.

Taurus Man In Bed – His Turn-On’s


Favorite Sex Position

The favorite sex position for the Taurus guy is the missionary position as he likes to be in close physical contact with his woman and also be able to look into her eyes when making love.

Taurean’s are known to be very sensual people and the missionary position helps to engage all the senses while making love, especially being able to see your partner enjoying sex with you.

Good Food

A Taurus man is a foodie who has the ability to turn a dinner date into seductive moments. What’s more, a Taurus fella tends to spend a lot of time in bed after a lovemaking experience and he does not mind having something tasty to bite.

In addition, when it comes to food, he prefers to have quality over quantity. So, real cuisine should be the way to go. Avoid buying him fried potatoes or steak.

As he’s into food he’d love for you to suggest using the chocolate sauce and whipped cream in the bedroom.

Ask him what his favorite dessert sauce is and surprise him by squirting some between your legs and asking him to lick it off is sure to set his pulse racing!

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A Taurus man wants a prelude because he doesn’t like making love on the spot. So, if you want to excite his senses, you can engage him in some oral sex, cuddling and kissing moments.

What’s more, kissing him slowly and touching him gently in the right places like at the back of his neck will definitely make him go wild because the muscles in this area are highly sensitive for him.

In addition, giving him some sensual massages with whipped chocolate would definitely leave him wanting some more.

You can also let him suck your toes and go down on you because he really gets stimulated by indulging all his senses.

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Look Beautiful and Don’t Be Shy to Reveal Your Body

A Taurus male tends to be highly aroused by beautiful women. So, when looking for a suitable partner, a Taurus guy will definitely go for a woman who is physically attractive.

He wants a woman with accessories, nice-looking hair, and an overwhelming figure, and one who is not shy to show him the goods.

In the bedroom, dim the lights enough to create a sensual atmosphere, but still bright enough that he can still see you and enjoy looking at your body and staring into your eyes when you are making love.

a man and a woman being intimate in bed

Romantic Environment

A Taurus man likes having sex in a romantic atmosphere that has some background music, dim lights, and the smell of scented candles. Some silk beddings and silk lingerie that reveals your curves would also help to put him in the mood.

Some champagne in the bedroom would also go down well mainly because he would love to lick it from your naked body. In addition, he would be highly stimulated by the smell of fresh and floral perfume emanating from you.

What’s more, the taste of some lip balm with a cherry-like on your lips would also entertain his senses.

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Direct Him in Bed

A Taurus male is not known to be imaginative while in between the sheets and he tends to stick to stuff he is very familiar with.

So, he expects his partner to dominate their lovemaking activities by directing him with regard to what you would like him to do. Or suggesting to him new ideas that you can explore together during sex.

He also wants you to ask him what you can do to him, and this is a move that would definitely turn him on.

However, after some time, your Taurus guy will definitely adapt and he may start asking you to repeat things that he found particularly arousing.

He Wants More Than Just Sex in Bed

A Taurus man tends to believe that sex is intertwined with love, friendship, and loyalty and he does not want to have one without the other.

In other words, a Taurus guy does not want to have sex for the sake of having sex with you, but he needs to feel loved and respected in order to enjoy making love, that according to him, should be completely natural, healthy, and filled with a lot of fun.

Taurus Man’s Turn-Off’s

Having looked at what excites or turns on a Taurus man, let me now delve into what turns a Taurus guy off.

Suggest, Rather Than Trying To Force Him

Whatever you do with your Taurus guy, it is important that you do it carefully. He does not like being forced or dominated.

In other words, what your Taurus man wants is subtle suggestions from you. So, if you push him into a corner with your demands then this can be a big turn off for him.

A Woman Who Plays Hard to Get

Your Taurus boyfriend does not want you to act difficult while in bed, and if you do, you might end up not getting any sex from him.

What’s more, a Taurus man does not want you to rush him, but he does not also want you to play mind games with him.

An Unfaithful Woman

A Taurus male wants a woman who is sensual and who he can fully trust, and absolutely does not want a woman who will cheat on him.

Your Taurus guy can be very possessive and he wouldn’t want to always get worried that you are going to stray.

If he chooses to settle down with you, you need to show him that you have some sexual balance and do not need other men or women.

Avoid Sex For The Sake of It

Your Taurus boyfriend does not want you to be insatiable as far as sex is concerned because he does not want to keep worrying that you are going to have sex with other men.

In addition, he would hate to feel as if he is not satisfying your sexual pleasures because that would definitely bruise his ego.

Final Thoughts

If you are in love with a Taurus man, it is important to note that he is a very sensible and practical man when it comes to love. To find out more check out my review article entitled Taurus Man Sextrology.

What’s more, it is important to note that your Taurus guy needs to feel secure and stable when in a relationship with you and if these two aspects are lacking, he might walk away from the relationship.

In addition, sex for the Taurus guy is rather simple and direct, but he is a highly sensual and romantic guy who may not be willing to indulge in a variety of sexual activities.

So, if you want to always have the attention of a Taurus guy, it is important that you take notice of the things that I have discussed in this article.

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Why not bookmark for future reference? I hope you find lasting love and lots of fun with your Taurus man in bed.

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