Taurus Man and Aries Woman in Bed

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

An Aries woman kissing her boyfriend passionately on a bed

A Taurus man and an Aries woman are known to have a very dynamic relationship due to their different personalities.

The Taurus man is sensual, down-to-earth, dependable, solid, and stable, and he tends to deliberate and put into consideration his plans.

A Taurus guy is not as impulsive as his Aries girl. On the other hand, his Aries partner is independent, tempestuous, impulsive, sexual, spontaneous, and passionate.

This match has unique traits, which will enable them to complement each other. This is as long as they are prepared to appreciate each other’s sexual desires.

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What’s more, the Taurus male is always very careful and cautious. He tends to take his time to know a woman before he can commit himself.

On the other hand, the Aries female is always in a hurry and very flirtatious and she is the kind of woman who rarely takes no for an answer.

With regard to stability, the Taurus guy may tend to feel frustrated and insecure with his Aries partner. While he wants to settle down, the Aries woman still wants to have fun.

However, this match is known to be very passionate and they tend to have a lot going for them together in the bedroom.

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So, if you are an Aries woman considering getting together with a Taurean fella then this article will help you gain insight into your potential sex life with him. Please keep reading.

How Compatible are Taurus Man and Aries Woman in Bed?


In bed, a Taurus guy and his Aries girl are two unique beings who are very passionate. A Taurus male and Aries female are known to have a very high sex drive. This makes them want to engage in sex each and every day, and for very long hours.

The Aries woman desires multiple orgasms and she is able to get that from her energetic Taurus man.  More so because he tends to not only enjoy making love, but he is also very attentive to the needs and feelings of his Aries lover.

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In addition, it becomes easier for the Taurus male to satisfy the sexual urge of his Aries female. Mainly because she is never shy to tell him how he is performing.

This helps to ensure that the Taurus fella is not just doing guesswork when making love to his Aries woman.

The Aries girl is also very seductive, erotic, and attentive to the needs of her Taurus boyfriend. She never wants their lovemaking activities to come to a halt before her Taurus guy has reached his climax.

Compatibility Between These Two, Zodiac Signs

An Aries woman likes to experiment and she will often try new things during their lovemaking sessions. She is very good at making him feel excited when they are making love. She will even use sex toys and sexy lingerie just to make things in the bedroom more interesting.

On the contrary, a Taurus guy is not very imaginative when in between the sheets. He often sticks to techniques that are already known to him. He prefers his Aries lover to take the lead and suggest new things, which he will gladly accept.

Luckily, his Aries lady loves to be in control while in between the sheets. Taking the lead and suggesting new things to her Taurus lover shouldn’t be a problem for her. She is always ready to suggest what they will do next when in between the sheets with her Taurus lover.

However, her Taurus boyfriend will need to be a little dominating because the Arian lady will want him to show his prowess and to also be wild with her.

What’s more, she should be mindful not to force him to do what he does not feel like doing because he does not like being forced. You can find out more by reading my review of the Taurus Sextrology book that everyone’s talking about.


With regard to foreplay, a Taurus man tends to enjoy foreplay because he does not like making love to his Aries girlfriend without an ‘appetizer’.

On the other hand, an Aries woman tends to get bored when she is wooed for too long and she tends to want to get right into the act of lovemaking.

She normally wants to release the pressure in the quickest way possible because instant gratification is her way to go.

So, the two need to find a balance so that they can get to enjoy their intimate moments. However, unlike her Taurus lover, an Arian woman is very spontaneous. She does not mind having sex in public places such as in the car, beach, pool, or park, just to mention, but a few.

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Erogenous Zones and Sex Positions

The best sex position for the Taurus man is the missionary style or the spoon side position. He likes the missionary style because it enables him to get into contact with the body and lips of his Aries woman.

On the other hand, the best sex position of Aries woman is the reverse cowgirl and doggy style because she tends to like rough and aggressive sex.

The back of his neck is the most erogenous zone and kisses and caresses to that area really turn him on.

In addition, her most erogenous zone is her head, and she can really get turned on if her Taurus man caresses and massages her head and strokes her hair.

Final Thoughts

In bed, a Taurus man and an Aries woman need to learn to accommodate each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that they can enjoy their sexual encounters even more.

The Taurus man needs to be able to grant the wishes of his Aries girl because failing to do so might get her bored and she will end up leaving to look for a wilder lover.

On the other hand, the Aries woman needs to be less selfish when in bed with her Taurus guy. This is because at times she tends to focus more on her pleasure and less on that of her partner.

So, she needs to remember that her Taurus man desires physical contact and wants to also be given attention. Find out more by reading my review Taurus Man Sextrology.

This article is only a broad outline. There are many more tips concerning a relationship with a Taurus guy on my website https://taurusmen.net. I hope you find love and contentment with your Taurus crush.

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