Taurus Man and Gemini Woman in Bed

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

A Gemini woman with a man on a bed kissing

A match between a Taurus man and a Gemini woman is a tricky one and they really need to learn how to appreciate each other so as to have a long-lasting relationship.

When in a relationship with a Gemini girl, the Taurus guy seeks comfort, entertainment, stability, and sensuality.

On the other hand, the Gemini girl tends to be a charming, fun-loving woman who can be very flirtatious and sociable, and this highly appeals to her Taurus lover.

In the bedroom, a Taurus guy and his Gemini lover have very different perceptions.

While the Gemini girl cares more about intellectual stimulation, her Taurus lover wants physical contact and to be touched everywhere on his body.

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Understanding the points that are made in this book will help the two to be able to communicate their needs, their sex life can be smoking hot.

If you are in such a relationship, please continue reading so that you can know more about your bedroom compatibility.

How Compatible is a Taurus Man and Gemini Woman in the Bedroom?


The sexual compatibility of the Taurus man and Gemini woman is not as good as with some of the other zodiac signs. However, they tend to complement each other in other areas of their life together.

A Taurus guy loves routine and planned life, while his Gemini woman is very creative, curious, and flexible. Because of their differences, they need to learn to accept each other so that they can have a good sex life.

If the Taurus male and Gemini female can let go of their fixed ideas, they can teach each other a lot of new things in the bedroom and in the relationship in general.

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In the bedroom, the sensuous Taurus male will definitely be in for a great ride with the flirtatious and kinky Gemini female.

On the other hand, the Taurus man will get to teach his Gemini girl the essence of incorporating touch in the bedroom.

This will help to ensure that the Gemini woman does not make their lovemaking activities too intellectual.

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Sexual mind games

A Gemini woman can have a lot of mental sex before she gets into the physical act with her Taurean man.

What’s more, she is very adventurous, curious, aggressive, and spontaneous with her Taurus partner. This, in part, is due to her curious and spontaneous nature, she tends to engage her Taurus partner in a lot of kinky sexual games.

Apart from sexual pleasure, a Gemini girl also seeks sexual satisfaction, and luckily, her Taurus man is a very attentive partner. He always seems to understand the needs and feelings of his Gemini girlfriend.

However, the Taurus guy is not as imaginative as his Gemini lady who is always revealing a new side to him.

However, her Taurus man needs to be flexible enough for his Gemini woman while in bed because if he bores her with his unwillingness to try new things, his Gemini girl will cheat on him.

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Gemini women can be so wild that they wouldn’t mind having a threesome or a sexual orgy. What’s more, just like her Taurus man, Gemini women also like foreplay and a lot of oral sex.

They also need to engage in a lot of passionate kissing and a lot more foreplay because the Taurean guy is not the kind of man who will jump directly into having sex with his Gemini chic.

The Taurus man likes taking things slowly when in between the sheets with his Gemini woman, and in combination with his great sexual energy, things can only get hotter in their bedroom.

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Erogenous zones

While the most erogenous zone of the Taurus male is the neck, the most erogenous zone of the Gemini female is her fingers or hands.

If the Taurus guy wants to turn on his Gemini girl, then he needs to suck and lick her fingers one by one and then kiss her passionately from her arms up to her shoulders.

What’s more, she likes to use her tongue and her mouth to tease and please her Taurus boyfriend, which is a plus for him.

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Best sex positions

The best sex position for the Taurus guy is the missionary style, while the best sex position for his Gemini lady is one where she is face to face with her Taurus lover.

She prefers to have sex in a standing position, which will enable her to wrap her lady in one where she is face to face with her Taurus lover. However, the missionary style does not really leg around the waist of her Taurus lover.

She also likes the one-legged sex style, as well as the spooning position. In other words, she is a great conversationalist and she prefers a sex position that will enable her to keep a romantic conversation going.

Final Thoughts

A Taurus man and a Gemini woman are not the best of matches, but their lovemaking activities can be smoking hot. This could prove to be a great pairing as long as they put themselves out to understand each other’s needs.

However, the Taurus man needs to be able to keep his Gemini lady interested and satisfied because she won’t hang around long if she gets bored in their bedroom. By understanding the Sextrology of a Taurus man greater satisfaction will be found in the relationship.

I hope the brief tips above have given you the information you require.

There are lots more articles regarding a relationship with a Taurus guy on my website https://taurusmen.net. I wish you well in finding love with your perfect guy.

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