Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman in Bed

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

A Sagittarian woman with her Taurus man on a bed

The match between a Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman can be a bit bumpy due to their differences in personality.

For instance, while the Taurus guy desires to have a home and security, his Sagittarius woman desires adventure and freedom.

On the other hand, a Taurus guy is known to be down to earth and he dislikes change, but his Sagittarius woman always wants to do things at a high speed.

An important part of a relationship with a Taurus man is understanding his sexual desires. This is explained in more detail in a recent review I did on Taurus Man Sextrology.

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Taurus men are known to be very practical, loyal, devoted, cautious, sociable, jealous, and possessive, while his Sagittarius lady is known to be optimistic, reckless, and frank.

With regard to loyalty, Sagittarius ladies do not mind having multiple partners, and the possessiveness of her Taurus man never appeals to her.

However, despite their different traits, this match has one thing in common that they are always there for each other.

In bed, the earthy Taurus guy and his expressive and adventurous Sagittarius woman are likely to have very passionate, sensual, and fiery lovemaking sessions.

Having said that, if you are in such a match and you would like to gain insights about your sex life, please continue reading.

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How Compatible are Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman in Bed?


The sexual attraction of the Taurus fella and the Sagittarius lady is considered to be quite high.

The Taurus male and Sagittarius female are also known to have a very high libido. This is likely to make them have sex on a regular basis. What’s more, their sex life is likely to be very sensual and full of experimentation.

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A Taurus man is not very imaginative and he likes to engage in sex games that are common. However, his Sagittarius girl likes to experiment and try new things while in between the sheets.

What’s more, she likes making love in odd and risky places. She does not mind having spontaneous quickies just about anywhere with her Taurus guy.

Her kind of personality will definitely make her sex life with the Taurus guy very explorative and experimental.

Fortunately, this can be of great appeal to the sensual Taurus boyfriend who will definitely be very attracted to her.

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In the bedroom, the Taurus guy likes it when his Sagittarius woman takes the lead and suggests new sex techniques.

Luckily, the Sagittarius woman likes to take the lead and she will normally allow her Taurus boyfriend to just lay back and enjoy the highly erotic and sweet moments.

Taking the lead

What’s more, she does not mind teaching her Taurus lover how to be like her while in bed and she will definitely make him lose all his inhibitions.

All the Taurus boyfriend needs to do in order to jumpstart her is to touch her sensually and give her some dirty talk.

What’s more, she does not mind touching herself in front of her Taurus guy, as she normally finds it very thrilling.

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However, the Sagittarius female also has high expectations from her Taurus male, which requires him to keep up with her pace.

In bed, the Taurus male needs to create fun and excitement for his Sagittarius lover because if he does not, she will tend to get bored.

What’s more, the Taurus guy needs to compliment his Sagittarius lady and spoil her a lot in order to keep things spiced up.

The Taurus guy and his Sagittarius lady tend to enjoy kissing and cuddling. This means that they will be able to fully satisfy each other’s foreplay desires and wishes while in between the sheets.

The Taurus guy will definitely be caressed and given all the attention by his skilled Sagittarius lover and she will not stop until her man is fully satisfied.

While the Taurus guy does not need to be told how good he is in bed, the Sagittarius lady would expect her Taurus lover to appreciate her romantic gestures and sexual performance.

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Best sex positions and erogenous zones

The best sex position of the Taurus man is the missionary style because it enables him to maintain physical contact with his Sagittarius woman. As well as to kiss her throughout their lovemaking activities.

His erogenous zone is the back of his neck, and cuddles and kisses on his neck by his erotic Sagittarius partner would definitely make him go wild.

On the other hand, the best sex position for a Sagittarius woman is the doggy style and she finds it appealing.

This position enables her Taurus lover to stimulate her genitals and to give attention to her thighs and hips, which are her most erogenous zones.

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Final Thoughts

In bed, a Taurus man needs to be a little bit creative and fun for his Sagittarius woman because she is the kind of woman who does not like routine and repetition.

If he does not become flexible with his Sagittarius lady, she will not mind going out to look for a lover who will satisfy her wild desires.

In other words, a Taurus guy and his Sagittarius lady need to learn and take care of each other’s needs while in between the sheets.

More on this can be found in my review article Taurus Man Sextrology. This will lead to a fully satisfying sex life and a long-lasting relationship in general.

More articles are available on my website https://taurusmen.net  which relates to different situations regarding a relationship with a Taurus guy. I hope you find love and happiness.

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