Taurus Man & Libra Woman Break Up

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

A Libra woman and a Taurus man sitting back to back while they go through a breakup

A Taurus man and a Libra woman have a great connection sexually, emotionally, and intellectually.

They both have eyes for artistic and fine-looking things. As such, the attraction and romance between a Taurean man and a Libra lady can be quite strong.

However, Taurus guys love to take their time making decisions, which also go for his relationships, too. However, his Libra girlfriend loves jumping straight into action whenever she has an idea.

Due to this, a Libra woman’s rashness can be somewhat irritating to a Taurus guy who hates being rushed or pushed into making decisions.

Conversely, the stubbornness of a Taurean fella can also be very irritating to his Libra lover, particularly because she would prefer to keep the relationship flowing and balanced.

A relationship between a Taurean guy and a Libra lady is one of reciprocating and compromise. However, this match can have many flaws, which can lead to fights, misunderstandings, and eventually a breakup.

If you’re a Libra lady and you’re either currently going through a breakup, the relationship has ended or you suspect that he may be thinking of leaving you then the first thing you need to do is connect with your partner to find out what may be bothering him.

He may be totally unaware about what he is doing is pushing you apart.

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How to Tell If a Taurus Man Is About to Break Up With You


Lack of intimacy

a man not looking happy with his girlfriend

Lovemaking sessions between this couple can be complicated and dissatisfying because of their different needs.

Taurus guys want physical affection from their partners. However, for a Libran lady, it’s usually the emotional connection that she values.

So, this match is likely to have unending conflicts in the bedroom, which can lead to disagreements and separation.

He needs to be open, accepting, and understanding of the emotional needs of his partner, while his Libran lover needs to be receptive and accommodating of the Taurean’s need for sensual and intimate physical affection.

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He Ignores you

We all love a little attention and approval from other people from time to time. However, for a Libra woman, this can be particularly important, especially from her partner.

If things aren’t going well in the relationship then he may tend to withdraw and even ignore his woman on and off. This can be especially hurtful for a Libra woman.

Silent treatment

The communication between a Taurean guy and a Libra woman is not known to be the best.

While this can be tricky even when the relationship is going well, silent treatment is more likely to occur if things are on the rocks.

If he’s giving you the silent treatment then it could be an indication that he’s thinking of leaving you.

He has become insensitive

Taurus guys are known to be caring, considerate, and attentive lovers. They often go the extra mile to try to please their partner.

So, if your Taurean partner has become less considerate or even saying mean and hurtful things, then he’s either annoyed with you about something, or he is no longer interested in you.

How to Stop a Taurus Man from Breaking Up With You

Spend time with him

Libra women are known to be very social beings. On the other hand, Taurus men quite often like their own company or just spend time indoors with their partner.

If you have been spending too much time with him and not seeing much of your friends and family, then doing things without him and catching up with your friends will be a great way to give the both of you a little space.

If he’s not seeing you as much as he’s used to then he may start to miss hanging out with you after a while.

However, you haven’t been spending much time with him when it’s just the two of you together. Prioritizing a little quality time where the two of you can reconnect with each other without the distractions of other people around you may be just what you need.

Don’t be over-analytical

If you want to have a long-lasting relationship with your lover, it is important that you stop being overly critical of him.

He wants you to accept him as he is and see his good qualities. This kind of guy hates feeling manipulated or that their partner is trying to change them in some way.

A great way to prevent him from feeling like this towards you is to give him some compliments on the things that he is good at or he does for you, which may make him think twice about breaking up with you.

Be trustworthy

Trust is a core value for a Taurus man. If for whatever reason, he doesn’t fully trust you or if he does not feel like he can depend on you then he will, at some point likely pull away from the relationship.

Taurus guys want to be in a relationship with a woman whom they feel has their back. And in return, he will always be there for you too.

a man and a woman making up on a beach at sunset

How to Recover a Relationship with a Taurus Man & Make Him Want You

Be patient

Taurus men are slow, methodical, and patient. So, when dating, if you also have patience then you’ll have a much easier time dealing with him.

Maybe you’ve already broken up? Then give him some time and space to think things through on his own terms without feeling pressured. For this, the no contact rule can be very effective for a Taurus man.

If you parted ways because of infidelity, it is important that you exercise patience because he will not forgive easily and tend to hold grudges for quite some time.

The first step is to him a heartfelt apology for whatever you have done if you are in the wrong. Then, you need to give him time to calm down and make up his mind about whether he will forgive you or not.

Taurus guys hate being pressured into a decision so just give him the time he needs to think things through.

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Compliment him

Affection is very important to a Taurus man. So, compliments are often well-received. If he is thinking of ending the relationship because he does not feel appreciated then complimenting him is especially important.

Reminding him that he is a special person and that you find him attractive is a great place to start.

Take a mental note of all the things he does for you, big or small, and express our gratitude for his help and consideration.

However, when giving compliments, only tell him what is genuine because he will pull back even more if you lie to him.

Be yourself

It is important to understand that Taurean men love straightforward women who are comfortable just being themselves.

As such, he is honest about himself and he expects the same from the woman in his life. So, if you have been pretending so that you can please him, it is about time you start showing him the real you and that you are comfortable being yourself around him.

Final Thoughts

It is possible for this couple to have an instant attraction, but their match has various challenges that can make it difficult to co-exist.

However, a simple understanding of yourself and also how he thinks and feels about love and relationships can help you to avoid or successfully navigate any issues that arise.

If you’re able to do this well, then it is more than possible to have a good relationship with him.

If you’re currently going through a breakup, have broken up or if you’re still in a relationship, but you feel he is pulling away then don’t lose hope.

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