Taurus Man & Scorpio Woman Break Up

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

A Scorpio woman and a Taurus man going through a breakup

Both a Taurus man and a Scorpio woman value being in a relationship, and if they’re with someone they really like then they both usually do what they can to make things work.

In this regard, both have quite a stubborn streak, which can help keep them together.

This couple also highly values loyalty, so cheating is unlikely to be the cause of a breakup between these two.

They get into relationships with the hope of having a long-lasting and fulfilling connection with their partner.

Despite these attributes, the compatibility between these two is considered not to be a great one. As such, they tend to bring out the worse in each other, which can make a breakup inevitable at some point.

With this couple, communication is the key to a long and happy union. Having frequent conversations about deep and meaningful topics is a great way for these two to connect. If they are not seeing eye to eye then things need to be discussed before it gets out of hand.

When emotions are involved and a breakup is looking like it may be coming then it can be difficult to talk openly face to face without an argument occurring. Therefore, communicating with text messages can really help to get your point across and repair bridges.

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If you are a Scorpio woman who is head over heels for a Taurus guy, it is important that you get to understand his deeper nature and what is truly important to him in a relationship.

Doing so will help to give you a clearer picture of what might cause him to end the relationship.

For instance, Taurus men tend to hide their anger and frustration for quite some time. Therefore, it is not until the frustration piles up and bubbles over that he will finally and suddenly explode.

Avoid undermining him


It is also important to recognize that Taurus guys do not like being pushed into making decisions. He needs some space and time to deliberate before making a final decision.

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In this article, I am going to share insights into what may cause a Taurus man to want to break up. I will also share some tips for winning back a Taurus man if he has already left.

How To Tell If a Taurus Man Is About To Break Up With You

Silent treatment

a man not looking happy with his girlfriend

The love between a Taurus male and a Scorpio female is often very warm, magnetic, and unconditional from the very beginning.

However, if you are a Scorpio woman and you have noted that your Taurus lover has become more distant or has even been giving you the silent treatment, then there could be something wrong.

If you’ve had an argument with your Taurus crush and he is now ignoring your calls and text messages, then he may just be mad and need some time to cool off.

However, he may be losing interest and planning to break up with you.

He gets annoyed very easily

Taurus men can get annoyed easily when things do not work out as per their expectations. However, if he’s annoyed with you then he can hold a grudge for a long time if it is not resolved quickly.

If, on the other hand, you have done something to break his trust, then it is not easy for him to trust again after being hurt. Any apology that is needed from you will need to be heartfelt, sincere, and backed up after explaining your actions.

So, if your Taurus crush has been having anger outbursts for no good reason, it could be a sign that he is either annoyed with you or losing interest.

Lack of sex

Sex between a Taurus guy and a Scorpio girl is often very sensual, energetic, and frequent, particularly when they are on good terms.

However, if your Taurus lover is less interested in making love, then he could be avoiding intimacy because he is losing interest.

While there can be a number of reasons for this, from work stress, tiredness or just things on his mind.

However, if the two of you have not been getting along recently or if he has been increasingly off with you, then it could indicate that he might be thinking of leaving.

How to Stop a Break Up with a Taurus man

Control your emotions

Scorpio women can be very emotional by nature. So, if you do not want your Taurus crush to walk out of the relationship, it is important that you avoid losing your temper and making things worse if you don’t want him to leave.

Constant anger can make you say regrettable things to your lover and he might never forgive you.

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Does your Taurus boyfriend want to end the relationship because of something you’ve done wrong? If this is the case, you need to let him know that you are sorry and you won’t do whatever you have done again.

Letting him know that you will sort out the issue might make him calm down.

Do not push him

Taurus men like to take their time before making important decisions. Therefore, if as a Scorpio girl you realize that your Taurus crush is taking too long to commit, it is important that you give him the time he needs.

You may want to read my article on getting a Taurus guy to commit.

Your Taurus boyfriend will pull away if you rush him or stubbornly keep telling him what you think he needs to do.

Do not try to manipulate him

Scorpio women are strong characters and sometimes, this can be perceived as a little domineering by a Taurus guy.

Therefore, if you want to keep him interested in you, you need to stop trying to take control over his life and allow the relationship to develop naturally.

Taurus men like to take the lead. Therefore, allow him to do things his way from time to time.

a man and a woman making up on a beach at sunset

How to Recover the Relationship & Make Him Want You Again

Do not play mind games

If you want to win back your Taurus boyfriend, it is important that you avoid trying to get his attention by making him jealous.

Taurus men want to be with a straightforward and loyal woman. He wants you to be someone he can trust completely and rely on when he needs you. As such, he also wants to be there for you too.

Show him your femininity

Taurus men tend to gravitate towards beautiful, feminine women. So, if you want to win his heart again, it is important that you flaunt your feminine qualities and let him see both your physical and inner beauty. Remind him why he fell for you in the first place!

Scorpio women are naturally charming, but he needs to feel that your interest in him is sincere.

Cook him a good meal

If ever there was an understatement, it’s that Taurus men are foodies. Therefore, if you want to attract him and give him reasons to stay with you, you can invite him over for some mouth-watering cuisine.

While this would be a great opportunity to reconnect, during your date, avoid discussions that are likely to cause an argument.

What’s more, avoid pushing him to accept you back into his life. As mentioned above, a Taurus guy needs to take his time and feel like he is making the decision for himself.

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Final Thoughts

Taurus men are very logical. So, as a Scorp lady, you need to understand that your Taurean crush will only walk out of a relationship if he realizes that both of you do not have a future together.

Nonetheless, knowing what a Taurus man truly wants in a relationship will help you keep your Taurean lover forever.

If a breakup seems inevitable or if it has already happened, the relationship expert, Amy North has an extremely effective text message system that has helped thousands of people recover from a breakup and re-spark the passion. You can find out about Amy’s breakup recovery method here.

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