Top 6 Taurus Man Turn On’s To Get Him Hot For You

Last Updated on June 27, 2022

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The sensual Taurus man loves sex, and he’s also very attentive to his woman while in between the sheets.

As much as he loves to receive pleasure, being attentive to his partner and ensuring her pleasure is also a big turn-on for him too.

Although Taurus guys are not known to be very imaginative in bed, you don’t usually have to push him to do things because he often likes to take the initiative when things start getting steamy in the bedroom.

However, Taurean men, like most other men, have a few fantasies and desires, and ultimately, he wants to be with a woman who will indulge and fulfill them with him.

So, if you are dating a Taurean male, it is important that you make sure he enjoys the lovemaking sessions with you by helping him to fulfill his fantasies. In turn, he will also want to satisfy you and fulfill your every desire too!

That said, it is important to enhance the sexual arousal of your fella by familiarizing yourself with a Taurus man’s erogenous zones, his secret sexual desires, and his hottest fantasies, which I will discuss in this article.

So, in this article, you are going to gain insights on the top ways to turn on your Taurus lover like no other woman has been able to do before.

Top Turn On’s For a Taurus Man


Dirty Talk

a woman talking dirty to her boyfriend to turn him on

For Taurean guys, sensuality is very important when it comes to sex and one of the most effective ways to stimulate his senses is by whispering the hot and sexy words he craves into his ear.

If you know how to talk dirty to a guy properly then you can also use it when you text him to make him burn for you even when you’re not around. This is a great trick to make him want to see you more and more.

When you are with him, whispering words of what you want him to do to you or what you’re going to do to him as well as embellishing on his fantasies will make his imagination run wild and get his heart thumping for you.

The key is to leave a few things to his imagination while still being explicit enough to get him highly aroused.

As effectively powerful as it is, being able to talk dirty is actually a subtle skill that you have to master. If you do it the right way then you will literally have your man on his knees begging to be with you.

However, if you mess it up or say the wrong things then you could end up turning him off, or worse, he could start losing interest in you completely.

Interestingly, according to a survey of hundreds of men and women, most women don’t actually know how to talk dirty to a guy in a way that turns him on and makes him crave her.

However, as for the ones that do know-how, they actually learned the specific words, phrases, and techniques from a teacher or sex therapist. If you also want to master the art of dirty talk, then see this short video here.

Turn him on through his erogenous zones

While a Taurus man likes to be touched all over, the most erogenous zones for him are the neck and throat.

So, if you want to arouse your Taurus lover, it is important that you give him a few sensuous kisses and bites around this area.

What’s more, quite a common sexual fantasy of a Taurean guy is to be given a massage before sex.

So, you may want to excite your lover by giving him a gentle back, neck, and massage with a few light kisses and gentle biting of the back of his neck.

This will help you both to relax and is also a huge turn-on for him.

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A romantic atmosphere is a turn on

As previously mentioned, a comfortable and romantic environment is highly important when trying to sexually stimulate your Taurean lover.

So, you may want to play some soft music, light scented candles, and dress the bed with silk sheets.

Taurus men have expensive and decadent taste and they love to mix this with foreplay. For example, if there is champagne then he will certainly enjoy licking it off your body.

a romantic bed with petals and two lovers hands

Sexual Roleplay

Taurus men love sexy roleplaying with their partners. So, if you are looking to get him excited, it is important that you use your imagination and experimentation skills to enhance your sexual encounters with him.

Roleplaying will enable both of you to experience intense pleasure based on your fantasies. So, to roleplay with him in a way that will get him extremely hot for you, it is important to first find out what his sexual fantasies are.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to talk dirty to him, as mentioned above. If you know how to talk dirty to a guy then he will very quickly spill the beans on all his sexual fantasies.

In fact, if you have mastered the skill of dirty talk then there will be very little if anything that he will not tell you.

If you want to be able to talk dirty to a guy in such a way that will actually make him crave you, then see this short video here.

Good food is a turn on

If you want to keep your Taurus lover completely satisfied then it is also important that you keep him happy in the kitchen.

Taurus guys are big foodies and love to indulge all their taste buds in good quality foods with tantalizing flavors.

When it comes to sex, you may want to arouse him early on by stimulating his taste buds. The best way to do this is by cooking him his best gourmet meal before making love.

Remember to also set the mood with low lighting, scented candles, and soft, relaxing, or sensual music.

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Flaunt your femininity

Taurus men are visual creatures, and they tend to gravitate towards physical beauty. So, if you want to seduce your Taurus man in bed, wearing sexy lingerie that accentuates your most attractive body parts will help to drive him wild.

However, you may want to wear something that does not show too much skin so that you can create some mystery for his imagination.

As Taurus is a highly sensual sign, Taureans can also have a heightened sense of smell.

So, it is important that you wear some scented oil or nice perfume when being intimate with him. Exotic fragrances also usually work well with Taurean guys.

Final Thoughts

Taurus men are highly sensual and anything that indulges the senses can be a big turn-on for him.

Since the most erogenous zones for a Taurean fella are his neck and throat area, he is also very responsive to sound as the ears are very close to this area. He is very highly sensitive to the words you say and the tone of your voice.

One of the most important skills you can master with a Taurean guy is the art of dirty talk.

If you get this skill down then you can pretty much get away with anything else and still have him eating out of the palm of your hand.

If you want to learn this skill so you will be able to turn him on like no other woman has been able to do before, then this video here will tell you exactly how to do it.

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