The Truth About Taurus Man – He Doesn’t Want Perfect

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

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Do you spend hours thinking about what a Taurus man likes in a woman? Are you constantly doing things to try and impress or get his attention?

You are not alone! Most women in your position are doing exactly the same thing. Constantly thinking of new ways to make themselves look sexier or more desirable.

Following the widely held belief that you must present yourself as interesting, worldly, and fun, and not in the slightest needy and wanting.

All this time you spend thinking how perfect you would be for him… ‘How proud he will feel in the future if he chose you as the woman of his dreams.

Why a Taurus man doesn’t want a perfect woman


But unfortunately, it is not working. This approach will never work! You may have convinced yourself that he is interested in you, but why is he taking you so much for granted?

If you are short on time and want to get answers without reading the rest of this post listen to this short video by relationship expert James Bauer.

Maybe, you may have made excuses for him? He is not ready to settle down or a steady relationship. You hope he will change and all of a sudden declare his undying love for you?

Or maybe…. The reason is, you have taken over the courting process leaving him nothing to do!!

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Taurus man compatibility

Facts that are disregarded by most women:-

A Taurus man will not value a relationship unless he has to work for it.

A Taurus man will only really value something that he has worked hard to obtain.

For instance, he will feel cheated inside if he had not achieved a diploma or certificate if he had not worked for it.

Similarly, present the Taurus guy with the perfect girlfriend and he will feel that he did not deserve her as he has not been forced to chase her for weeks to get a date.

a possessive man looking at his girlfriend's phonePlaying hard to get makes the heart beat faster

However, the big problem for anyone playing the hard card is that the magic stops working once he knows he’s got you.

Something happens in a Taurus guy’s mind when they think they have won you. It’s as though they say to themselves ‘Game over, I have achieved that, what’s next?’

So how do you make sure your relationship with a Taurus man lasts the course and you keep him interested in you? This is the question that has been confounding women, until now!

You are not alone – most women encounter this situation. (That’s why they ask for help)

Many women never allow themselves to get close to a Taurus guy for fear of scaring him away. They sometimes suffer in silence and give up on a love that could have been perfect.

Getting help from an expert

However, other women are not afraid of asking for advice and getting some help, especially from an expert. One of the people they turn to is relationship coach James Bauer who explains Taurus man’s Secret Obsession.

James picked up on a thread that was apparent from most women coming to him worried about guys who were blowing hot then becoming distant. The relationship would be going well then suddenly things seemed to change overnight.

A Taurus guy who was originally interested and romantic would change and become distant. He would gradually become focused on everything apart from her.

Women noticed that their crushes no longer made eye contact and were brusque in their attitude. Seeing a pattern, James realized to be able to help these women he needed to investigate.

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a woman flirting in a bar with a guy and trying ot get his attentionEverything starts to make sense

Everything started to make sense as he discovered what was making these men back away. He realized what was lacking, and after much research discovered what these guys were not getting.

James research proved that the problem was not related to anything wrong with these women, but something that was lacking which he calls ‘The Hero Instinct’

Without being aware, most women are unconsciously driving their Taurus men away.

James has discovered that the cause was the naturally caring instinct of most women is what is driving a man away from them.

Listen to this video in which James personally explains his research.

Take a look at yourself and prove it. Are you always available and looking your best? Do you always drop what you are doing to be with him? Would you do anything for him?

This is natural for most women but you haven’t realized while doing this you are depriving your Taurus man of a purpose. How he sees himself and what he has attained in his life.

All men love heroes and a Taurus man is no exception. How many grown men do you know that are still captivated and fascinated by movies where the superhero always wins out.

From the time of early boyhood, men have a built-in dream of developing into a hero that would save the world – and get the girl to carry her away to safety.

Most men are trapped in their mundane jobs and don’t get the opportunity of being a hero. No chance of ripping off their corporate suits, and springing into action, to save the world. This just does not happen.

But it is still possible to get the girl

Being an ordinary guy with the heart of a hero wanting to win the girl takes a lot of confidence. A superhuman charm, with immunity to pain. All he really wants and needs to find is a woman who is looking for a hero.

A woman who needs a hero! Are you that girl that needs a hero? I would hazard a guess… That’s not you, is it?

You are probably independent and can take care of yourself. You are probably industrious and a conscientious worker. Maybe you are also the type of girl who doesn’t need a man to make you complete.

You are I would guess the type of girl who has a lot to offer a Taurus guy. Probably very kind and loving with a generosity that is overflowing towards a man who will make the perfect partner and your life complete.

This is the reason heroes are in short supply in your life. You have probably ended up with takers rather than the person who would be ideal for you.

These guys, who leave you high and dry, after taking everything from you. You need to give your crush the hero instinct. Here’s how.

3 Ways To Bring Out The Hero In Your Taurus Man, Starting Today

Taurus man wants to feel like he’s the hero in your life. It’s kinds weird, but he’s just wired that way. If he feels like you truly see him as a hero, then he’ll do anything for you.

Ask him for his help

Seek his help with advice on buying a new computer. Ask him if he could identify the strange rattle that has suddenly sprung up in your car.

Even something as simple as asking him to retrieve something from the top shelf that you cannot teach yourself.

Make sure you thank him and give him a big smile. These simple tips do not make you a needy person.

Tasks like this bring out the need in him to be useful and focus his attention on you. This also brings out the latent Taurus man hero in him.

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a couple on a date in the cinemaEnjoy male company

Taurus guys love women who appreciate men for being men. Does it matter if his living quarters are decked with sports trophies and paraphernalia?

So what if he is dedicated to his favorite football team? What difference does it make that his dress code is not color-coordinated?

He’s a man. These things in his world are okay. The last thing you need is for him to be like you, you have the female side of things covered.

Allow him to earn your respect

The hero in a Taurus guy loves a challenge. They don’t want to be praised just for being on time.

The Taurus guy does not want your affection passed to him on a plate. They want to be allowed to earn it.

The one thing a Taurus guy craves more than enduring love from a woman is a challenge.

All you need to do is give him opportunities that will allow the hero in him to emerge. Ease back and relax, and let him show you what he is made of by winning your admiration.

An important part of starting or keeping a relationship exciting is to do things that make him think of you as much as possible. One thing that has been achieving great results for many women is text messages.

Now care must be taken with this as texting too often or with the wrong words could have a detrimental effect. However, sending messages with the correct sentences can have a positive impact on your guy’s subconscious mind.

This is an exciting subject so I wrote a separate article ‘How to flirt with a Taurus guy over text’. Check it out and discover an effective way to have your crush thinking of you, and only you.

Keep Learning

Keep learning about how you can easily use this relationship enhancement tool to make your Taurus crush have a burning desire for you and only you.

Listen to this short recording in which James explains more about a Taurus man’s secret obsession. His Secret Obsession.

James also tells you how you can make him want you even if you have broken up and you think he has lost interest in you.

I hope this article has opened your mind to the simple steps you need to take in getting Taurus man compatibility.

If you put into practice what relationship expert James suggests, I am sure you will discover the secret of keeping your Taurus crush obsessed with you.

There are many more articles on relationship situations with a Taurus guy on my website Why not bookmark my site for future reference? I wish you well.

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