Why a Taurus Man Ignores Your Texts (And What To Do About It)

Last Updated on June 27, 2022

A woman looking at her cell phone to send a text message

We all know too well how frustrating it can be when a guy doesn’t text you back.

Is he playing hard to get or is he just really busy at work?

Oh No!! It might be worse! Is he losing interest in me?

Are you in a relationship with a Taurus guy, but he just won’t respond to your texts?

Or perhaps you’re interested in a Taurean man but he’s not replied to your last few messages?

It may not be easy to understand why your man is delaying his reply right off the bat and there can be several reasons for his behavior.

If you’re in a hurry then you can get the exact text messages to send him to get him to reply here. Otherwise, please keep reading and I will help you figure out why he’s not replying to you.

What Does It Mean When a Taurus Man Ignores Your Texts?


It’s very annoying to be ignored, especially by a lover or a potential partner. Here are the 4 most common reasons a Taurus man is ignoring your texts.

Below, I also go into detail on 4 tactics you can use to get him to stop ignoring your texts and start replying to you instead!

He’s busy

Taurus men are known for their diligence and commitment to work. What’s more, they are stubbornly focused and never stop until they get things done.

So, if your Taurus guy fails to respond to your message immediately, it could be he is just getting down to business and he probably hasn’t seen your text, or he just hasn’t had the time to get back to you yet.

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He is not attracted to you

Taurus men tend to be very particular about the kind of girl they want to date and spend time with.

So, if your Taurus crush is no longer showing interest in your text messages, he may be having doubts as to whether you are the right match for him.

It is important to note that when a Taurus guy is in love with you, he will do everything possible to prove the depth of his love. So, if he ain’t showing interest in responding to your text messages, it could be that he’s just not that into you.

He’s angry with you

Men of this Zodiac sign are known to be highly sensitive. What’s more, when they are angry or hurt, they tend to be very good at giving silent treatment.

So, if your Taurus boyfriend is quiet, it could be you did something that hurt his feelings.

It is important to note that Taurus men are not very good at expressing their feelings more so when they are annoyed. Therefore, your Taurus partner might not be in a position to tell you that you hurt him or whatever he is going through.

What’s more, your Taurus boyfriend could be quiet because he does not want to argue with you.

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He thinks you are needy and clingy

A Taurus man does not like a woman who is too demanding and suffocating so his silence could be an indication that you are crowding him too much.

It is important to note that he can be very patient, but when he reaches breaking point, he will just withdraw and give you the silent treatment.

If this is happening then the best way to get through to him is by text. Yes, he may not be replying to you at the moment, but he will definitely be reading your messages, and that’s all you need.

However, you need to send him the right message… a message that will make him think of you and want to be with you.

Fortunately, relationship expert Amy North teaches women exactly how to do this.

She has a crazy-simple yet scarily powerful method that communicates directly to the animalistic, desire-driven part of his brain to spark feelings of attraction and affection. Amy explains how to do it here.

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What To Do When A Taurus Man Ignores Your Texts

Now that I’ve covered the common reasons why a Taurus man ignores your texts, let’s get to what you can do about it!

Here are the 4 things you can do to get your Taurus man to stop ignoring you and reply to your text messages.

Avoid chasing him

a woman sitting on her bed looking at her phone wondering why her boyfriend did not text her

A Taurus man wants you to be upfront about how you feel about him, but he does not want you to be clingy.

So, if you text him too often and he ignores you after having told him that you like him and you are interested in knowing him more, it is important that you just step back and let him be for a while.

Do not try too hard to pursue him because you may scare him away and make him lose interest in you completely.

So, I know it isn’t easy to slow down when things just seem to be getting started, but it is important that you take it slow with him, and let him decide the speed and direction the relationship will take.

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Apologize if you’ve upset him

If you suspect that your Taurus fella is disregarding your messages because he’s mad at you, it is imperative that you offer him an apology if you are at fault.

However, if you want your Taurus guy to forgive you, it is important that you offer him a sincere apology because pretending to be sorry might aggravate him further.

In other words, your Taurus crush will certainly calm down and be able to forgive you if you take personal blame for your mistakes.

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Give him time

Taurus men like having some personal time to themselves. So, if he has not been replying to your text messages, it is important to give him some space to be by himself and reply to you when he is ready.

What’s more, avoid sending him another message before he gets back to you because insisting will make you seem insecure, and possessive, which might make your Taurus guy pull away and shut you out completely.

In addition, you need to show him that you have a life and that you’re not depending on him to feel happy by avoiding the urge to double text him.

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Be honest

If you just started dating, it is important that you be assertive and express how his silence makes you feel, as well as your desires and concerns about the relationship.

However, if you’re not yet in a relationship with him then do not express this to him otherwise he will feel like you are coming on too strong.

What’s more, it is important to note that Taurus men can be very stubborn, and you may want to let him know that you want to be with a man who is responsive.

In addition, you may want to let him know that you don’t like it when a guy plays games with you.

Confidence is very attractive, and your Taurus crush will certainly appreciate your honesty and confidence, which might compel him to open up and express his concerns.

Final Thoughts

It can be quite stressful when a guy doesn’t reply to your messages. Just step back and try to figure out why he is behaving this way.

Taking a deep breath and thinking logically will be better than panicking and getting emotional.

If you’re still not sure what to do after reading this article then relationship expert Amy North may have the solution for you.

She has a clever system that gets men to reply to you, chase you, and even crave your attention by sending a few simple, but powerful text messages. You can learn her methods here.

Having said that, I hope this article has given you some insights into why he’s not texting you back, and you will be able to re-evaluate your connection with him.

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