Taurus Man Acting Distant – 4 Things You Need To Know

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

a man pulling away and distancing himself from his girlfriend

If you’re currently dating a Taurus man and, for some reason he’s started to act in a distant manner, there can be a number of reasons why he is doing this.

Unfortunately, and for the most part, Taurus men don’t respond well to the average “run of the mill” dating advice out there.

Having a good knowledge of the Taurus male personality is your first weapon in creating a long-lasting and loving connection with him.

While there are astrologers out there who will charge a pretty penny to give you the low-down on your Taurus fella, renowned astrologer, Anna Kovach has exposed all his hidden secrets in her new book.

She not only explains the three reasons why Taurus men pull away (and what you can do to stop it from happening), she also details how to create a deep connection with him so he commits to you. I reviewed her book here for my readers.


In this article, I will give you some insights into the reasons why your Taurus man could be acting cold and what you can do.

Reasons Why Your Taurus Man Is Acting Distant and What To Do About It


If your Taurus man is acting distant there may be several reasons for this unusual behavior.

Here are the most common reasons why Taurus man is being distant, and what you can do about it:

He is uncertain about you

a man not looking happy with his girlfriend

A Taurus man can act cold towards you if he is not certain that he should have a long-term relationship with you yet.

This is because Taurus men tend to take their time before they decide if a woman is right for them.

It is important to note that a Taurus man will only get into a relationship when he feels truly ready, so don’t push him.

Instead, use the subtle techniques that Anna Kovach teaches to get him to want you through the use of astrology.

So, if your Taurus man has given you all the signals that he’s into you, but is still acting very aloof, it is important that you understand how Taurus men are wired.

Give him time to make up his mind without necessarily pestering him to confirm that he’s into you.

Bugging him when he needs a little space will only push him away further. Taurus guys don’t want a needy woman, so be sure not to act that way or he may start to look elsewhere.

The secret is to give him space, which is likely to make him miss you more. For more insights on this, see my article on making him miss you.

He feels you’re too needy

Another possible reason why your Taurus man could start acting cold all of a sudden is if he is feeling suffocated in the relationship.

Taurus men may be possessive, but they do not like needy women, as previously mentioned.

What’s more, a Taurus man will pull away if he realizes that you expect him to do certain things or respond to you in a specific manner so that you can feel validated.

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So, if he is suddenly acting indifferently towards you, it is important that you also evaluate yourself and how you have been behaving towards him.

Should he notice that you have been displaying some clingy behavior it might make him pull away.

It is important to learn to give him space to do his own thing from time to time. This also includes not incessantly texting him when the two of you are not together.

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For Taurus men, it is also important to show him that you are also an independent woman. Although you desire him, you don’t ‘need him’ in order to feel good about yourself.

He needs to see that you have the ability to be alone, to focus on yourself. To even show that you can be happy without him so he won’t feel like you may become clingy at some point in the relationship.

It is important that you learn to pursue your goals and also have a life separate from your partner. What’s more, avoid seeking his validation by asking him needy questions.

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If you’re too demanding

a man distancing himself from his girlfriend who does not look happy

Taurus men are known to have a low tolerance for women who are too demanding.

So, he could be distancing himself if you’ve been asking for too much of his time and or attention.

It is also very important to realize that he does not want to be in a relationship with a woman who behaves like his mother as this is a huge turn-off for almost every guy on the planet.

Be aware that although he may not get angry or annoyed quickly due to your demanding behavior, once he does, he is likely to pull away from you pretty fast.

So, if you suspect that he could be annoyed because of your demands, it would be important to just give him space for a while.

If you have to ask something of him, wait a little time and then do it politely and in a way that also gives him the option to say no.

If he really doesn’t want to or if he does not have the time let him feel comfortable saying no.

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He thinks you’re a gold digger

Of course, this one may not apply to you, but if it does, take heed!

Another big reason why a Taurus guy may start acting distant is if he feels as if you might be abusing him or likely to start abusing him financially.

It is important to note that while Taurus men can be very generous, he prefers to be in a relationship with a woman financially stable herself.

Also, one who is not only educated but also ambitious as well. 

In addition, a Taurus man loves a woman with whom they can work hard together to achieve the finer things in life.

So, if there is any reason at all that he may be feeling like this towards you then you might want to start pursuing goals that will help you to be financially independent.

Taurus Man Acting Distant – Final Thoughts

While a Taurus man may start to act distant towards you if he is feeling stressed at work or from life in general.

There can often be another underlying reason based on your behavior.

So, if he has been acting cold towards you, it is important that you first and foremost learn to give him space to cool off.

Time for him to think about his priorities and to deal with whatever could be troubling him.

Secondly, if you suspect that he is acting this way because of something that you could be doing, then it is imperative to try and find out what it is.

Subtlety and patience are required to get to the root of the problem.

Renowned astrologer, Anna Kovach has created a course called Taurus Man Secrets.

In her course, she explains the three key reasons why he pulls away and how you can turn it all around and get him to value you, the relationship, and commit to you long-term.

You can read my review of her course here and decide for yourself if you need Anna’s help.

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