Why does Taurus Man Pull Away? (8 Reasons Why)

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

a man distancing himself from his girlfriend who does not look happy

If you are dating a Taurus man, but now started thinking why do guys pull away when they get close?

You have joined a lot of other women thinking the same and feeling confused.

There are several reasons why men pull away at different stages of a relationship.

However, for the Taurus man, there are some common factors that can make him behave this way.

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When he pulls away early in a relationship


However, in this article, I’m am also going to share with you some insights on why he may be acting this way and what you can do to bring him back to you.

Taurus men love to take their time before deciding whether they should date a woman or continue seeing her if it is still in the early stages of the relationship.

They do not like been pushed or rushed, and they can also be very cautious and stubborn if they feel they are being coerced.

In a relationship, a Taurus man tends to be very loyal and devoted. A relationship with him is likely to last once the two of you have decided that you’re right for each other.

However, there are things that can make him become distant, withdrawn, and start to pull away from you.

Common Reasons Why a Taurus Man Pulls Away

He feels insecure

a man not looking happy with his girlfriend

Taurus men value security, and they also want to feel secure when in a relationship with a woman.

So, your Taurus lover is likely to withdraw from you if he feels his security is threatened. However, there can be a number of reasons why he may be feeling this way.

You will need to have a conversation with him to find out why he is perceiving things in this way.

For instance, if he notices you have been talking to a specific guy constantly, he may start to question your feelings towards him.

This may lead to him withdrawing before you reject him.

This is more likely the case if you are in the early stages of a relationship as he still does not know the person that you are.

He’s not ready for a change

Taurus men do not cope very well with change.

He does not adapt very well to changes in his job, relationships, or in his surroundings in general. So, Taurus guys tend to be very stubborn whenever they’re required to do things differently.

What’s more, if for instance you want to move in with your Taurus lover and he is not ready, he may distance himself because he is afraid of losing control over his freedom and the lifestyle he is used to.

If this is the case then all you need to do is allow him time to feel comfortable with the idea of the two of you become closer. Don’t do or say anything that will make him feel you are trying to rush him.

Just take your time and allow yourself to enjoy the connection you are experiencing with him.

The danger is, however, if we are too laid back then it is likely our man will become too comfortable with the casual arrangement.

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He’s not that much into you

a man avoiding a woman in a cafe

Taurus guys want to date a woman they are attracted to and, as mentioned previously, they tend to take their time in deciding if a woman is right for them.

So, if you have been interacting with your Taurus crush, and he has suddenly disappeared, it could be he does not find you as appealing as he once thought, or he is not interested in spending the rest of his life with you.

In other words, your Taurus crush is likely to withdraw if he realizes that you are incompatible or that you do not have the qualities he is looking for in a long-term partner.

Your Taurus crush can also lose interest in you if you do something that made him feel inferior or jealous.

Unfortunately, in some cases, he may be pulling away from you for this reason, but you have not yet had the opportunity to show him who you really are.

To solve this problem, next time you talk to him casually drop these subtle words into your conversation to change his mindset and get him to view you through the eyes of attraction.

It’s pretty simple, the video on this page will explain what you need to do.

You’re too needy

The desire of every Taurus guy is to be with a woman who has the ability to do things without depending on him. He also wants a woman who knows how to enjoy her own company.

So, your Taurus crush will pull back if he feels suffocated, trapped, or like he is losing his freedom due to the relationship.

In other words, your Taurus boyfriend will walk out on you if he realizes that you are a desperate and needy woman who does not have the ability to meet her personal and emotional needs by herself.

So, if you depend on your Taurus boyfriend to fill an emotional void, or fulfill your every need and desire, he will certainly lose interest in you and pull away.

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Taurus men are known to be very honest and loyal, and their desire is to date a woman who is also as honest as he is.

That said, if he realizes that you are pretending to be a person you are not so that you can impress him, he will likely lose interest in you completely.

So, if you are eyeing a Taurus guy and you want your relationship to last for the long term, it is important that you prove to him that you are an honest woman.

He’s hurt

a man angry with his girlfriend

Even though Taurus guys are very patient, calm, and grounded, they tend to also be very sensitive and can get quite angry when they are no longer able to tolerate a situation.

So, if he suddenly withdraws from you, and you do not get to hear from him, it could be that he is feeling hurt by something you did or said.

However, if your Taurus man is giving you the silent treatment, it is important that you give him space to cool down and talk to you when he is ready.

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You are too domineering

A Taurus man wants to be in charge and he hates it when a woman dominates his life.

Taurean guys don’t want to be with a woman who is bossy and overbearing.

Above all, if he feels like he is dating his mother when he is with you then he will lose interest in you faster than you can blink.

He could have lost interest in you if you have been denying him the opportunity to be the leader from time to time, or by bossing him around or acting like a mom to him.

In other words, Taurus men do not want to be told what to do. So, if you keep nagging him with what he should and shouldn’t do, it won’t be too long before he ghosts you.

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He is busy

Another reason why a Taurus man withdraws is that he is just too busy.

Taurus men are known to be very hardworking by nature, and it could be he is ignoring you because he is working on something that is very urgent and doesn’t have time to spend with you at the moment.

If your Taurus man is acting distant, it is because he may be focusing on an important work project. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to break up with you.

If he’s into you then he’ll come back once things have settled down for him, so just be patient and give him space.

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Final Thoughts

There are several reasons for your guy pulling away. It is important to first figure out the reason for his withdrawal before jumping to conclusions.

If he just needs some space for a while then give him what he needs and he will appreciate and respect you all the more for it once he is more settled.

If, however, there are some clear signs that indicate he is losing interest in you then you have two choices;

  1. Walk away from him and move on
  2. Use the simple yet powerful words that relationship coach, Amy North teaches to trigger his feelings of attraction and desire for you. You can learn more about Amy’s psychological hack here.

I hope this article has given you some help with understanding your Taurus crush. There are lots more to read on my website https://taurusmen.net all relating to situations with a Taurus man. why not bookmark it for future reference.

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