How Taurus Men Test You & What You Need To Do To Pass

Last Updated on May 28, 2021

Regardless of the zodiac sign, when it comes to relationships everyone wants to be with a reliable, dependable person.

This is especially so for a Taurus.

Imagine how important these qualities are to a fixed earth sign such as Taurus. He builds his whole life around stability, reliability, and predictability. Especially the romantic ones.

This is why he wants to make sure that he isn’t wasting his time.

He has a lot of love to give and he doesn’t want to waste it on someone who is going to play him or not appreciate what he has to offer.

For the most part, when they settle down, that’s it. They don’t have time to fool around, and he will show you his love and affection through showing, rather than talking.

But firstly, he needs to make sure you are the right one for him.

You can put a lot of time into proving to him that you are worthy of his love.

Taureans are patient, but if you are not then his tests can be very tiring for you.

Don’t take this personally, he’d be the same way with anyone. He would just like for things to go slow in the beginning.

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There are some things they do not tolerate in their relationships, and that’s why they don’t like to rush into them.

From day one, until your relationship gets really serious, he could have occasional tests for you. These can come in all kinds of forms.

3 Reasons Why Taurus Man Is Testing You

He doesn’t want to be used

Taurus men are devoted to their work, and very materialistic.

They love to possess things and they need to know if you are only there because you can rely on them financially.

They don’t like women who are very clingy in any way, and they certainly don’t want someone who is not independent.

They need to know if their partner suits them in the long run because they like to get into a routine when they are with someone in a steady, stable relationship.

This is partly what makes him so picky.

Of course, Taurus guys are different from one to the next. Maybe the test won’t come in a direct way, but instead, in the form of observing you and your behavior.

He will observe whether you offer to pay for something or not, or if you are using his things or even expecting him to pay every single time you go out.

He wants to know if you have a sense of respect for his money and possessions because that shows him that you are truly reliable and have good character.

It is not always material things that a woman might use him for. He doesn’t want to be anyone’s second choice or a shoulder to cry on.

Let’s face it, who does?!

He might test this by asking you about your past relationships or people that are in your life now. Again, he will be observing how you behave.

My advice for you is not to speak about your ex-lovers in front of him since that could be a trigger for distrust.

If he suspects something, he will try to find out who the men in your life are and what they mean to you. Maybe he will try to specify the level of attention you give them.

If you want to see things from a Taurus perspective and understand him and his romantic struggles, then you can read my article about how he is in relationships.

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They want to know if you are honest

Men born under this sign gravitate towards conventional women who are as loyal as they are.

They really tend to be monogamous, and if they are spending their time with you, then it means they are pretty serious about you.

Tests that show him whether you are telling him the truth or not could be pretty frequent, especially at the start.

He might casually ask you about some things that he actually already knows the answer to, so he can test if you’re being honest with him.

It’s not all about lies and honesty, though. He also wants to know if you are true to yourself.

Sometimes we have tendencies to try to tell our significant others only what they want to hear, even unconsciously, but a Taurus man can often see through it quickly.

He will certainly notice if you change your opinions only to adjust them to his. If you do this then his respect for you will soon be in question.

Again, these are the forms of those “silent tests“.

They really can’t stand superficial women or those with weak opinions.

He’s the type of guy who prefers to demonstrate who he is and what he is about through his actions rather than talking.

When it comes to spending time with him there is no need for acting. Just be real, be yourself, and don’t lie to him about who you are. Be direct with him, that’s what he likes and respects as a woman.

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Are you his long-term partner?

He, like everyone else, desires freedom, which is totally normal, but that is why he doesn’t rush into relationships too easily.

A Taurus man wants what he perceives to be a real woman: feminine and gentle, but strong. He will watch how you handle your life situations.

As reliable as every earth sign is, he will offer you help, but just after he sees you can actually handle the situation on your own.

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Final Thoughts

Taurus men hate playing games, and they usually prefer to play safely in their relationships.

Don’t be concerned too much, because once he establishes his trust in you, he will stop testing you and you’ll have a great relationship with him.

It’s not that he will do it all the time anyway, because he really doesn’t like playing games.

If you are still only dating your Taurus, don’t be mad at him for trying to make sure if he is safe with you. Understand that he has his pace and respect that.

He likes to take things very slowly, so be patient enough and give him time to realize that you are the right person for him.

Just be who you are, and be confident.

You are beautiful just the way you are, and if you shine, your Taurus will adore you and settle down for real.

If you want to make sure you pass all his tests quickly and get him to see you as the only woman he wants to be with then read my article all about the secrets of a Taurus guy and how you can make him yours here.

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